Bill Goldberg scheduled to wrestle at SummerSlam in Toronto

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The WWE SummerSlam card is expected to see a big change that will set up a new match for Dolph Ziggler at the pay-per-view in Toronto.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported and we have confirmed at POST Wrestling that Bill Goldberg will be wrestling Ziggler at SummerSlam.

Earlier this week, they announced Ziggler vs. The Miz for the show but that is expected to change with Goldberg getting the match. This has been built up for several weeks with Ziggler insulting Goldberg in his promos.

It will be Goldberg’s first match since Super Showdown in June when the performer suffered a concussion against The Undertaker. Due to the injury, the match fell apart and was not well-received and became the basis for Ziggler’s promos.

The match will take place at the same arena where Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar 86 seconds at the Survivor Series on November 20, 2016.

Another great recent “read Meltzer’s Twitter responses” moment from when WWE announced Ziggler/Miz on Monday.

Meltz is far from perfect, but I’ll never understand the people who insist on vehemently and consistently trusting the professional carnies instead of the professional journalists.


Good news as far as I’m concerned. I hope we get a nice 30 seconds match.

Mystic Pollock strikes again !

I swear he knows things to be true when he speculates

Quick 5 minute Goldberg vs. Lashley match with Lashley going over would be best for business. That’s if they want to build up their current wrestlers and make them more important than old wrestlers though…

Soooooo…getting Dolph to bump like Crazy for Bill to make up for the terrible Super Showdown match got it.

This match is an example of what is wrong with WWE today.

It can end in 3 ways.
1.) Goldberg destroys Dolph entertaining the fans, but doing nothing for the current roster, Dolph was recently shown on a level with the WWE champion, so him getting killed sends the message that the legends are better than the current guys.
2.) They have a good match and Dolph loses - same problem as the first without totally burying the roster, but who wants a long Goldberg match?
3.) Dolph wins - is Dolph the guy we want getting a rub right now? What would this do, he isn’t going to get into the title picture.

Or I guess some DQ style finish that leads to another Goldberg Match.

Honestly that seems like the best option, have someone else come out and destroy Goldberg. Drew or Lashley seem like the best options here.

Dolph is useless and should have left WWE like 5 years ago. Him getting squashed by Goldberg is much better than some 15-minute snoozefest against Miz.

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Dolph is in the same position as a Mickie James or a Rey Mysterio, a veteran just used to push or enhance other talents. He knows his position.

Right, but then why put him in with Goldberg

Sure, but it is still a terrible match why bother at all. Legends should not be coming back to squash modern guys. Goldberg already did this once, coming back beating Brock, then Kevin Owens. They can come back and win, but they need to establish the new talent, otherwise you end up with the thought that everyone from the old days is better than the guys are now.

Dolph is damaged goods. Means nothing if Goldberg squashes him. He’s not new talent at all. The match is just there for a pop and Dolph will sell well. I have no problem with it

Yeah it doesn’t really hurt Dolph, it doesn’t do anything really. But he was just in a competitive title program, so him getting squashed makes the whole roster look lesser.

My issue is generally just that we don’t need the match at all and relying on past stars is a major problem, especially when they are just being brought in for a pop and nothing else. Which is what this will be.

Spear and jackhammer…crowd goes nuts.

Terrible booking lol

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If there was ever a chance that Dolph could legitimately main event, I’d agree. Since Dolph will never be a top star, it won’t hurt him at all, especially because wins and losses seem to mean nothing these days with people losing and getting title shots, and others earning title shots and then not getting them. It all seems random. They’re just trying to recreate the magic of Goldberg beating Brock quickly in Toronto. Toronto will pop big for the squash, and it’ll be a feelgood moment for what will likely be a burnt out crowd.

Totally missed this post lower down before I replied. I actually think we’re on the same page, lol.

It’s fine. People want to see Goldberg. No such thing as burying Dolph at this point. Maybe it isn’t worth the money, but it’s not my money, so I don’t care too much about that part.

Again I don’t think it matters much for Dolph. It matters that he was just main eventing for the main title on Smackdown and booked pretty even with Kofi, one of your top champions. So no you get him crushed by Goldberg it just sends the message “The old guys are better than our top guys now.” It could be worse I just don’t think it is good for the company overall. I get that people love the nostalgia stars. I think though that overall that is part of the problem with the current product. If say when the Rock was getting big 80s guys routinely came back and beat him he would appear lesser. But maybe that is just me.

I loved Goldberg in his time, but that time is long over.

Dolph Ziggler is almost 40…him lamenting on old men is hilarious.

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I would have rather had Undertaker in a match at Summerslam.