Bill Goldberg to appear on Friday Night SmackDown

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Following his Universal championship win, Bill Goldberg will be appearing on Friday Night SmackDown in Boston, Massachusetts.

Goldberg defeated The Fiend Bray Wyatt at Super ShowDown on Thursday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to regain the Universal title. The match lasted three minutes with The Fiend hit with four spears and a jackhammer before being pinned.

Goldberg will be appearing on SmackDown along with John Cena, who has been promoted to appear for several weeks and should lead to the program receiving a spike in viewership.

Both Goldberg and Cena are expected to have matches at WrestleMania 36 on Sunday, April 5th.

Goldberg last held the Universal title from February until April of 2017 when he dropped the title to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. The following year, Goldberg was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and did not wrestle again until June 2019. He came back for a match against The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia that did go over well and followed that with a quick victory against Dolph Ziggler in August at SummerSlam in Toronto.

So, they were able to get out this time?

I hate to be that guy because John works so hard…but pretty sure Goldberg won the Universal title from Kevin Owens in Feb 2017 at the Fastlane event. How could we ever forget the genius of Jericho and the Festival of Friendship which also happened that month.

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What does it say when Smackdown has to push a name from twenty years ago in the hopes of keeping up ratings?

I’m not dissing old guys for the sake of their age. If someone is a star at 50 then great. The problem is more fundamental, about how the wrestling business continues to shrink in the amount of new fans that have been hooked, and the lack of creating super-stars (in the real meaning of that word, not the WWE-speak) in the business that can draw big from the general world of television viewing.

It does seem like a rehash if WM33 with the same Goldberg run doesn’t it