Bill Simmons states that Vince McMahon does not get to give notes on final cut of Netflix documentary

Originally published at Bill Simmons states that Vince McMahon does not get to give notes on final cut of Netflix documentary

The Ringer’s Bill Simmons speaks about the Vince McMahon documentary. 

Netflix is going to be releasing a documentary about WWE Executive Chairman, Vince McMahon. The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is involved with the project and he spoke about it at Bloomberg’s Screentime conference

Bill thinks it has the chance to be great and the best he’s been involved with. When asked if McMahon will get to see the documentary before its pushed out to the public, he said McMahon will not be able to give notes when it comes to the final cut, but he thinks he’ll be able to see clips.

We have this Vince McMahon documentary we’ve been working on for three years. I think it has the chance to be really great. I really think it has the chance to be the best one I’ve been involved with and I’ll be interested to see what people think about that one because a lot of time and it was one where Netflix still has a final cut of it and it’s a little more old school like what the 30 for 30 model was and I think it has a chance to be really special. 

Not the giving notes on the final cut part (Simmons said when asked if McMahon gets to see the documentary before it comes out). I think they get to look at clips. 

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I am very interested in this. It does have a lot more talent than just Bill Simmons behind it. It’s directed by Chris Smith who has made a wide variety of documentaries. Including Tiger King. And is at least four episodes.

It also seems like its been very delayed because of the flurry of activity and scandals involving McMahon over the last two years. So if they are planning on covering those all the way up to the sale then it could be really enlightening for people. But it could feel like “old news” to those of us that were kept up to date daily by John Pollock as to what was going on.

I’m sure the casual fans will learn a lot, but I I think you hit the nail on the head. Maybe we learn something new when it comes to certain people’s perspectives, but I imagine the majority of the stories will be stories we already know.