Billie Kay, Mickie James, Kalisto, Chelsea Green and more released by WWE

I was wondering the same thing, though sometimes they do these releases in waves. I hope they bring him back, or if not just let him go as the guy is in his prime and should be on TV.

My gut feeling tells me nothing will change though.

Aleister Black is reportedly filming vignettes for his return to TV, so it does sound like he might be back soon. This whole day sucks though, hopefully everyone ends up back on their feet.

Eh, does this day suck? I mean the Joe release is shocking, but to play devils advocate, these are talent who have not been used, were getting paid, and now can go do their own thing. Like if we are sad about them getting released, WWE isn’t charity or a welfare program to employ people that are literally not being used or not going to be used. A team doesn’t pay players they won’t keep. Companies don’t hire people and pay them to sit in the communal kitchen all day.
I guess I struggle to see how to view this any differently. Realistically WWE cannot keep 1000 rostered wrestlers, at some point they have to make cuts and I hope this is the avenue to better opportunities and fulfillment for these people. Not to mention, they sign up to work for this place knowing how it operates, can’t be upset when that turns on you if you are coming in or stuck in that level.
IF the IIconics are truly deserving of more than what was portrayed, they will undoubtedly land on their feet and break out. That’s how free markets work. If they aren’t, do we want WWE to be a home for wrestlers who aren’t really going to break out and just there to sit in catering and get a check?

To make a stock market analogy. I’m not sad the IIconics got released, I’m excited to buy low because I believe they will be worth more later. So not upset for their opportunity ahead at all, excited for them if anything. Somebody’s releases are another’s undervalued talent, IF they are in fact undervalued. Otherwise, whats the point in hoarding fat?

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I do feel bad for a guy like Bo Dallas, who has been shelved for like two years and hasn’t even had the chance to be featured. Then just gets dumped. Curtis Axel got released one year ago and Dallas did nothing but gather dust for a year. Why not release him then if you have no plans for him?

Chelsea Green is another one who really got screwed over. The others at least had some TV time in the past few years.

I’ll always be sympathetic to a bunch of hardworking, talented human beings on the day they lose their jobs.

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But, he got paid. So I either don’t feel bad because he wanted to get released and couldn’t (should be happy for him), or he got paid for a year and while it sucks, he did get paid when somebody like Axel got released, so he got a better end of the short straw I suppose. It’s not a negative-negative I guess. Maybe a negative-positive or positive-negative.

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I don’t disagree with the sentiment. I do feel for people losing their jobs. At the same time, they nor us should be surprised so it’s less of a visceral emotion for me personally.
Plus some of these people want their release; wasn’t that the case last time?

Exactly. If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen. They chose to deal with the devil so have no right to complain (if any do) when the devil decides he’s done with them.

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I think a lot of performers would rather take less money and actually perform. Wasting a year doing nothing when you could be earning so much more and doing much more fulfilling work creatively must be devastating

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Wasn’t there a story or rumor a few weeks back that Bo Dallas was winding down his career at the end of his contract? So that one might have been mutual, or at least, just getting it over with.

I think that there is probably a mix of both. That there are performers frustrated that they couldn’t perform. And that there are plenty of others happy to show up (and not even need to do that during a pandemic) eat catering and get a paycheck.

WWE’s philosophy recently seems to be to let anyone go whose not happy. So if there is anyone on the roster really frustrated by how they are being used it seems like they could be released if asked.

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This is the thing, you are always going to have people rag on WWE when they release people, but as of now none of us know the why. I’m sure some of these performers were caught off guard, some probably asked, some are probably apathetic. At the same time, I’m sure some are pissed, and I’m sure some are happy.

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I very much doubt any of them, with the exception of Joe, will end up making more money than they were in WWE as they aren’t very good. Peyton might be okay as Sean works in AEW and we know how easy a mark Booker of the Year is when it comes to be being talked into signing friends and family.

They certainly wouldn’t have been earning more money in the past 12 months unless they had changed careers.

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I agree. So I’m happy for whoever this applies to there.

There’s also the people who previously, through good or bad faith, declare that WWE is just sitting on people so they can’t be claimed elsewhere. And ultimately, if WWE is responsive to that critique, I wonder what way any fans think this will end? Because it ends with less people having jobs. And I think that’s all where I “feel bad” today because you hope the people who lost jobs wanted this or will find a better or more profitable opportunity later, but there’s always those who get caught up in the numbers game that don’t.

And I guess the only upside is most of these people have “names” so someone relatively close to the top should have interest in them. And hopefully with things opening up, there will be more indy shows for the rest to work on. I just know it’s a lot easier for us fans to be like “you’ll be better off!” when a lot of people would take a little less in order to not have to go through change and have that dependable thing to go to.

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If you wanna cut talent because you believe you want to move on from them and your roster is bloated, that’s fine. Budget cuts? When you’re the most profitable you’ve ever been. Just release people and say it’s the business.


This is one of the reason I fondly remember the territory days. Wrestlers came and went and it wasn’t a big deal. You could work a deal with another promoter and start another run to a whole new audience that was aware of you, but might not have ever seen you. You still stayed relevant and hot, making about or probably more money than the last place. It probably helped the Apter mags because that was about the only way you could keep track of who was where.

Now, you’re cast off back to the minors, sitting at a card table before the show, hoping people remember your big run in 2012 as the fans file past you like you’re a zoo animal, whispering to their friend, “Woah, is that (insert has-been here)? Wow, did he get fat. Dude, don’t make eye contact, he’ll want $20 to take a picture with you. Just keep moving.”

Good luck bros and broettes. Make sure your phone isn’t on silent during Royal Rumble season.

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There are more opportunities to make a living as a professional wrestling today, than there have been in over twenty years.

Pre-pandemic, living off the indies, was a real thing for many talents. I imagine post-pandemic, it will be too.

Things are nowhere as bad as you’re trying to make it sound.

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Not really surprised with a lot on here. Can see a few of the names actually asking for their release.

WWE do have an insane amount of wrestlers under contract and in order to make room for people, others will always need to be moved on.

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No, you’re right. I’ve never been to a Big Time Wrestling show at the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium in the last 5 years and did exactly what I described as we walked by the Nasty Boys table. I certainly didn’t sit next to Robert Gibson in the bleachers of a high school gym after he got done selling poster cards of him and Ricky Morton and watch the Dudley Boys wrestle The Broken Hardy’s in front of 175-200 fans.

Everything will come up Millhouse for all those let go.

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