Billie Starkz feels AEW & ROH should have Women's Tag Team Titles

Originally published at Billie Starkz feels AEW & ROH should have Women's Tag Team Titles

The idea was suggested and Starkz expressed that she’s game. 

The first-ever ROH Women’s World Television Champion is Billie Starkz. She captured the belt at Supercard of Honor by besting Queen Aminata in the tournament final. 

Starkz is paired with Lexy Nair and ROH Women’s World Champion Athena on-screen. The idea of more gold being added to their group was brought to Starkz’s mind as she did a virtual signing for RDP Promotions. It was suggested by a chat user that AEW and ROH need Women’s Tag Titles and she agreed. 

I agree with that statement (that AEW & ROH need Women’s Tag Titles) but, if we’re being honest here, we already know who would have the belts. The current champs. Come on now.

Circling back to Supercard of Honor, Starkz stated that she did not know she was winning the belt until the day of. 

I didn’t know until day of (that I was winning ROH Women’s World TV Title). It wasn’t like there was any lead-up. It was just like, hey, you know your match now. Have fun. I feel like the after-match was more fun for me. Like, the aftermath of winning and then still going to see all my friends afterwards and having this huge, crazy weekend where I don’t travel and see people as much as I do. I see the people I work with at AEW all the time but then, all of my indie friends that I kind of disappeared from, I got to show off and be like, ‘Look, I won this cool, pretty thing. Take pictures with me.’

The 19-year-old Starkz is signed to AEW/ROH. She wrestled at an ROH TV taping in late April and bested Dream Girl Ellie in a Proving Ground match. 

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Women’s Tag Team Titles are not needed in one of the companies, let alone both.


Yes, because if there is one thing that AEW/ROH needs it’s more titles.

Ultimately it’s not a bad idea for AEW to have the same opportunities for the women as the men, so they should eventually have a set, but they need to scale back some titles first.

When I was watching the PPV a couple weeks back with my cousin, she loved the show but commented “is everyone a champion here” because that’s what it felt like.

Yeah and we need trios women’s titles for AEW and ROH too


When people say stuff like this, they are hoping/assuming that more opportunities will come along with the added titles. But both WWE and AEW have had roughly the same number of women’s segments per week for years now, regardless of how many women’s titles there are.


I think WWE is a perfect example of how adding women’s tag titles does not mean it helps the women. If you aren’t going to actually push the division with real teams it’s pointless.

Their tag division for the most part is unused women A being teamed for the month with unused women B. Doesn’t help anyone.