Billy Corgan thinks most of the heat on Tyrus is political, says he's never crossed the line to where it could harm NWA

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Corgan states that Tyrus has been a model employee for NWA. 

The next pay-per-view on the calendar for the National Wrestling Alliance is titled ‘312’ and it is taking place April 7th in Highland Park, Illinois. 

There are 13 total matches on the card, four of which are pre-show bouts. Headlining the event is the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship match that’ll see Tyrus defending against Chris Adonis. 

Tyrus became a topic of conversation on the newest episode of Phil Strum’s Under the Ring podcast. He welcomed NWA owner Billy Corgan onto the podcast and Corgan expressed his thought that most of the heat on Tyrus is political. He thinks Tyrus is a model employee for NWA and does not have anything bad to say about him. 

He would go on to add that Tyrus has not crossed the line in that political field to the point where it could harm NWA. When it comes to Tyrus’ presentation, Corgan feels he brings ‘old school heat’, similar to the likes of what Ernie Ladd and André the Giant brought to the table.

On the wrestling side, I’ve been very, very happy and very satisfied. I think he’s (Tyrus) done everything I’ve asked him to do and he’s been great to work with. As far as Tyrus as a public person, I knew Tyrus when he was working with TNA and basically standing with his arms crossed behind Matt Hardy and holding one of the babies, right? I saw when he first started working for FOX so, and we’ve stayed in touch all these years. We have our own relationship. Like myself, when you’re a public person, you say things that not everybody agrees with but look, he’s on one of the biggest networks in the world, he knows what he’s doing and so for better or for worse, he writes his own checks that way. As far as I’m concerned, he has never crossed the line to the point where it’s been detrimental to the NWA. Now, I know not everyone agrees with that opinion but I think people have this weird kind of sliding scale because there’s lots of blame to go around when you look at the professional wrestling landscape of where people look the other way at different things. Most of the heat around Tyrus is political and as a person who’s been through some of (those) things myself, I try not to pay a lot of attention to that stuff. Not because it’s not important… There’s a lot of energy behind it which has other agendas and it’s not really down to the individual as much as it’s like a culture war type of thing so, as far as I’m concerned, we’re a professional wrestling company and we’re here to wrestle. 

Can I say one other thing? What people don’t understand is I grew up in a time when wrestling heat was different. This world we live in, it’s like fake heat or a five-star matchup, five-star matches. To me, Tyrus brings that old school heat that an Ernie Ladd brought or an André the Giant brought. There’s not a lot of guys who can, at that size, bring that level of heat and so, look, it’s professional wrestling. Come and boo, come and hate him, come and wish the next guy, in this case, Chris Adonis is gonna take him out. That’s what wrestling is for. When we overly kind of try to bring life into wrestling, I think that’s kind of an uncomfortable thing because you and I could spend an hour talking about where somebody did this and then people look the other way and they still have a job… As far as I’m concerned, he’s been a model employee for the NWA and I don’t have anything else to say about it other than he’s been great to work with. 

This upcoming title defense is going to be Tyrus’ fourth. Thus far, he’s bested Matt Cardona, Rolando Freeman and Daga to retain. 

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The only thing worse than his politics is his wrestling though

Billy is wrong. At least for me Tyrus doesn’t have “old school heat”. He has turn off heat.

And yes his political persona is mostly because of it. And not just because he’s playing a conservative character on TV. That would be fine.

But by being a regular guest on Fox News and contributing the toxic fake news cycle where he is literally a character on a “news” channel is disgusting. I want nothing to do with him and I haven’t seen any chatter clamoring for him. I guess Billy must have some stats that he’s drawing YouTube eyeballs or something. But for me it’s a total turnoff.

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It’s definitely political heat and the cause for the negativity and hatred towards Tyrus.

It’s a shame that most people are so emotionally reactive or lack emotional intelligence that they are so easily triggered and sensitive nowadays.

Tyrus is not a bad wrestler or a bad person. The hatred towards him is definitely political and it’s unfair and biased. If he was a commentator for CNN or MSNBC, he wouldn’t receive such hatred and I think that’s disgusting.

I don’t care about politics or watch political news but even if I did, I wouldn’t be so weak minded that anyone who disagreed with my personal views was my enemy.

Billy can’t say it so I will. Society as a whole has become reactive, weak minded, and they bully anyone who disagrees with them. The hatred towards Tyrus is absolutely disgusting.

Oh please. Your reply is why I dislike the almost meaningless word “politica” - it’s just used as an euphemism.

Why you think you should police how people ought to react to Cyrus is your business. Do you, however, find it at all odd that you think you should know how other people ought to react… as long as they react to someone (Cyrus) like you do?