Billy Gunn shares that he has a double contract with AEW

Originally published at Billy Gunn shares that he has a double contract with AEW

In addition to Leva Bates, Billy Gunn also reveals that he has a double contract in AEW.

30-year veteran Billy Gunn has been a part of All Elite Wrestling since the company’s launch. Present day, he is paired on-screen with his sons Austin and Colten and collectively, they are known as ‘The Gunn Club’.

On top of what he does on-screen, Billy was hired to be a coach for AEW and as he was doing a virtual signing for K & S WrestleFest, he shared that he has a dual contract for both of his roles there.

So, I wear a couple different hats . No, so yes, it started out, I was head coach. I started head coach. I had limited — if they wanted to use me, they could. Then my kids joined because Austin was in ROH when I first went to AEW. That fell through or he wasn’t clicking so he came, asked if he could have a tryout, whatever. They hired him and then all of a sudden, I started wrestling a bunch and then they just switched it so now I have an employment contract and a talent contract. Two.

They have to do two contracts because you can’t loop ‘em all together. You can’t loop an employee and talent because you know, it’s self-employed kind of deal. So, in reality, yeah, you’d like to just have one contract that says you do different things but they — you just for some reason, you can’t do it that way. For business, bookkeeping or whatever.

Recently on AEW programming, Gunn Club ambushed The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) and put an end to their on-screen partnership.

When initially asked about the split, Billy addressed it in character and said in wrestling, everyone turns on everyone eventually, adding that the signature ‘scissor me daddy ass’ phrase is done with.

Dude, it’s wrestling. Everybody turns on everybody eventually. Get over it… well I really liked them . But, I know people — I’m not on the top of everybody’s Christmas list right now for doing that, but hey, sooner or later you just gotta part ways. I had to do what was best for me and the boys.

Well, I will use scissors to cut my shirt though. That I will do. Just no more daddy ass scissoring, daddy ass, daddy ass scissor me. No more of that.

Later, Gunn spoke more about the split and shared that neither party were looking for it to end this early, but he just works for AEW and does what he’s told.

I just work for the company so I do what I’m told and that’s — we kind of didn’t wanna let it go this fast but, I don’t know what’s happening and what’s going on so, that’s what you do. You do what you’re told. I have no influence anymore. I’m not an influencer except on my fans only page.

This week on AEW Dynamite: Fyter Fest, Gunn Club are scheduled to appear to explain why they attacked Bowens & Caster.

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Multiple contracts for one person with different roles seems like a common occurrence for AEW. Not just with Billy Gunn, but also Brandon Cutler (2 Contract Cutler) and Leva Bates (with her multitude of roles mentioned in another article here).