Blair Davenport revealed as mystery attacker on WWE NXT

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The mystery attacker has been revealed. 

Multiple NXT talents have been ambushed by a mystery assailant and it was promoted that the individual behind the attacks would reveal themselves on the 5/30 NXT on USA Network. 

As Dani Palmer was in the ring awaiting the attacker, she was taken out from behind and the individual was revealed as Blair Davenport. 

Blair was last in action for NXT at Worlds Collide in September when she competed in the NXT and NXT UK Women’s Championship double title match. 

On the pre-NXT Battleground media call, Shawn Michaels stated that there was interest in bringing Davenport back and it was up to her if she wanted to come aboard full-time or not.

Andrew. You typed out this reveal with more excitement and emotion than Vic Joseph did on the actual broadcast.

Bravo good sir, bravo!