BLK Jeez planning return to NWA

Originally published at BLK Jeez planning return to NWA

Jeez will soon find out if his cancer is in remission. 

Earlier this year, Darnell Kittrell a.k.a. BLK Jeez had to step away from in-ring competition and his on-screen managerial role with the NWA because he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. 

Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer that affects many parts of the body. Over the last five months, Jeez has provided updates on his status and how he’s been feeling physically and emotionally. The latest update came from his appearance on The Tyrus and Timpf Podcast

He stated that he’s ready to get back on the road. In a ‘couple’ of weeks, Jeez will find out if his cancer is in remission. He is planning to return to NWA after their November events. 

Jeez: I’m feeling good man. Feeling like myself again. It’s time to get back out there on the road. 

Well, I find out if it’s in remission in like the next couple of weeks. I just had a biopsy yesterday… I plan on coming back after the November events, whenever they are. I plan on being there. 

While in NWA, Jeez managed former Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus. Tyrus shared that Jeez having to step away from NWA played a big role in his thought process when it came to his retirement from in-ring competition. He’s happy to hear Jeez is planning a comeback. 

Tyrus: And when Jeezy went down, that for me was kind of like, man… I don’t wanna say he’s my ‘common sense’ but, the way we would feed off each other, and then now, that was gone and was just like, man, the homie’s not there. I’m a little beat up, I got a million other things going on. I gotta make some choices and so, Jeezy was a big factor in that and so, hearing that he’s coming back was really good to me because he can do whatever the hell he wants. There’s a million guys on our roster, literally, that could use that type of influence.

The National Wrestling Alliance held their Samhain pay-per-view on October 28th which was headlined by EC3 defending the Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Thom Latimer. 

Before Jeez’s on-screen exit, he kick-started an alliance with EC3 prior to him becoming champion. 

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I’ve always liked Jeez, going back to his days as Sabian / and as part of BLKOut. It’s a shame he never got a run during the heyday of the X Division in TNA.