Blockers movie with John Cena

Has anyone else seen the Blockers movie that came out in theaters a couple of weeks ago co-staring John Cena?

I saw it with my wife over the weekend and thought it was hilarious, much funnier than the trailers made it seem. The kind of teen comedy that I haven’t seen since Mean Girls. And John plays the (ironic) part of an overprotective parent really well and did a lot of the physical comedy in the movie.

I recommend it to anyone on the fence about seeing it. John Cena’s movie career is obviously much smaller than The Rock’s. But at this point with just a couple of movies under his belt John’s made better choices being in ensemble movies than the Rock did early in his career trying to make kiddy comedies.

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Are you plant, or just a mark? Lol, jokes. Cena does well with comedies. It seems like Cena’s The Wall sort of tanked … But it was better than The Scorpion King!