Board members revealed for TKO Group Holdings

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The Board for TKO Group Holdings. 

In a new 715-page SEC filing, the Board of Directors have been revealed for the UFC-WWE merged company called TKO Group Holdings. 

Representatives from both WWE and Endeavor are on the Board and those names are listed as follows: 

  • Vince McMahon (WWE)
  • Ari Emanuel (Endeavor) 
  • Egon Durban (Endeavor)
  • Nick Khan (WWE)
  • Steve Koonin (WWE)
  • Jonathan Kraft (Endeavor)
  • Sonya Medina (Endeavor)
  • Mark Shapiro (Endeavor)
  • Carrie Wheeler (WWE)
  • Nancy Tellum (Endeavor)

WWE has to appoint one more individual to get to 11 Board members.

During Endeavors quarterly report, it was noted that they expect the WWE-UFC merger to be finalized in mid-to-late September 2023.

So, Triple H is now without any corporate say?

Interesting that Dana White is not in this list.

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So you’re saying TKO sees Triple H as being…secondary?

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But he is part of the corporate structure. Which again, Triple H isn’t part of.

HHH will forever be the guy who lost the Wednesday Night War to Vince

But he’s also the guy who won the Monday Night War…


Don’t forget about riding the tank. That was the death blow

Like the Spurs ending the Bulls dynasty in 1999. Definitely all them, and no mitigating factors there. :smile:

If Vince dies, does someone in his family get his board seat?

It’s no longer a family business, why would they?

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WWE is now in the hands of Wall Street suits. Ain’t a family business anymore.

However it is good time to be a stockholder. Myself included. Lol

He’s too dumb for that job. Unlike Vince he’s not actually nothing more than a knucklehead

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Because Vince has a very prominent position and still owns a ton of shares that are likely going to go to someone in his family when he dies.

I think it’s a fair question to ask.

Fair enough. However, prior to his being ousted in July 2022, Vince had all but forced Triple H and Steph out of any positions of power.

I wasn’t implying it was necessarily one of them, I figured it would be whomever he leaves the majority of his shares to. I have no idea who that is. Maybe it’s Brock lesnar lol

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I was responding to your question about the spot going to a family member.

I understand, I mean I don’t necessarily think it would be steph or Hunter….I’m assuming you were implying that because of their actions on the board that Vince wouldn’t give them his seat/shares. I’m saying it could be Shane or Linda (if they’re even still married) or someone we are aware of.

My guess is they’d be a bought back by the company and the funds would become an asset to the family. I am completely speaking out of my ass though and have no real idea.

Quick, @MJfromNJ, jump in here. Haha

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It’s an independent member so not somebody affiliated with the company. Be curious to know if that could be Steph actually.

Not sure why anyone would think Hunter should be on the Board.
That kinda stuff only really flies in nepotism controlled companies.

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