Board members revealed for TKO Group Holdings

I was mentioning Triple H, because he was on the previous WWE board of directors, no?

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And the WWE was one of the most controlled nepotistic companies to ever do it.

Hunter has zero formal education nor corporate experience and wouldn’t sniff a board room if not for being married to the Boss’s daughter. Let’s just say Vince did right by them. Paul is not a serious corporate man despite once being the Corporate champion


Thinking about TKO and not the soon-to-be former WWE corporate model, there’s no good reason for anybody in “creative” to be on the board. The board is the entity that the guys who run the day-to-day of the company report to.

I don’t know how often those lines get blurred in corporate life, but I know it sounds like a bad idea.


I wouldn’t think hunter would be on the board, all the reasons you specified make sense.

My first thought was Steph or maybe Shane. I figured if Vince died someone is getting a shit load of shares (assuming that’s how it works) and if that person was Steph, I was wondering if she could be his replacement on the board.

You know this world better then me.

Great point.
We’ve seen that when they are blurred it is entirely possible corrupt or misuse of the company funds can happen. When there is poor corporate governance and limited accountability to anyone other than the principals of the company, bad things can happen.

I even view Vince’s involvement as one to keep friends close and potentially unfriendly major shareholders closer.

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