Bobby Fish asked to sign one-year deal when he started with AEW

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Fish was looking for a one-year deal when he first ventured into the company. 

Bobby Fish’s time in All Elite Wrestling came to an end in August 2022. He first arrived to the company in October 2021

Since his departure, Fish has spoken at length about his time in the company, what he enjoyed and what he felt could have been different. He was interviewed by Tru Heel Heat’s SP3 and revealed that while his AEW deal was being negotiated, Fish asked to sign for one year. 

He stated that the boxing opportunity popped up on his radar and he was interested in that so he was hesitant to jump into something long-term. 

Yeah, it came off of a tweet (Fish’s start in AEW) and you know, next thing you know — because I had started to work independently at that time. I did my 30 day with coming up from WWE and then I had set up a bunch of bookings. I actually had a pretty full calendar for the next six months and did that thing, didn’t know where it was gonna go and then one conversation led to the next and it looked like there was a chance to be there. We went back and forth on some contract stuff and I asked, ‘I only wanna sign a year. I just want one year.’ So, that was voluntary and at that time, the boxing kind of came on my radar and so I was gonna do that and I remember thinking to myself, okay, at no time in the past almost decade would I have been able to do that if I was otherwise. So, yeah, I was hesitant to get into anything long-term because I wanted to have the ability to do those things if they came to me.

Fish had a brief stint in IMPACT Wrestling in late 2022 that concluded with him challenging for the IMPACT World Championship

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