Bobby Fish wanted to explore commentary while in WWE, did reps with NXT's Vic Joseph

Originally published at Bobby Fish wanted to explore commentary while in WWE, did reps with NXT's Vic Joseph

A commentary role is a position Fish is still interested in. 

With nearly two decades of experience as a pro wrestler, Bobby Fish has looked to venture into other pockets of the business such as commentary. 

He welcomed New Japan Pro-Wrestling commentator Kevin Kelly onto The Undisputed Podcast. As their conversation rolled on, Fish was asked if he was ever approached about doing commentary when he was with WWE.

He shared that he wanted to explore it while he was there and did reps with current NXT commentator Vic Joseph. Fish went on to add that he is still interested in exploring a future in commentary. 

I took it upon myself (to seek out commentary opportunities in WWE). Vic Joseph and I, we would do some stuff on our own and Vic would pull me in that room a few different times to try to get some reps and we discussed — and that was a direction that I definitely wanted to explore, still want to explore it now, you know? But things changed a bit there…

Earlier in the conversation, Fish reacted to the jokes he sees about his age. He stated that he put over Abraham Lincoln when they wrestled. 

Fish: I did put over Abe Lincoln. Did you know that Kev? I did. I put over Abe Lincoln. 

Kelly: Yeah, but it was two-out-of-three falls. He didn’t just walk right over you. Let’s be fair. 

Fish: I did put up a fight, I did put up a fight.

This past November, Fish won his pro boxing debut by stopping his opponent in the second round via knockout. Fish has a two-fight deal with the organization who hosted his fight.

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He would make more sense than Booker T.