Bobby Lashley: I know my finish line is soon, I won’t be here another 10 or 15 years

Originally published at Bobby Lashley: I know that my finish line is soon

Bobby Lashley, who is the current WWE United States Champion is going to defend his U.S. Title in a Triple Threat match at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on 2/21. Lashley has been involved in wrestling since 2005 and is currently 44 years of age.

While speaking to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Lashley mentioned that he knows his “finish line” is soon and he won’t be around for the next ten or 15 years like some of his colleagues, specifically mentioning Ricochet and Cedric Alexander. Lashley added that he’s hitting 2021 hard and it will be his year.

This is going to be my year. I have a different level of confidence. Even at my age, I don’t think there is anyone working harder than me. I know that my finish line is soon. I won’t be here for another 10 or 15 years like Ricochet or Cedric. I’m running to the finish line, and I’m hitting it hard. This is the year for me.

Elsewhere during their chat, Lashley expressed interest in doing NXT’s signature Fight Pit match, but for the United States Championship.

I thought the United States title was perceived for a long time as just another title, but it has so many great names behind it. I’m legit as it gets, and I take a lot of pride in defending this title, especially against guys like Riddle and Lee. I saw Riddle’s idea for a Fight Pit, and I’d love to do something like that for the U.S. title. It won’t change the outcome, but it would be a lot of fun.

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Stands to reason that with Edge probably picking Reigns, that there isn’t really a great and obvious person to put with Mcintyre and Lashley could be the guy who gets the spot.

Two things that play well for him -

  1. Unlike most feuds, his with McIntyre was one and out and without a terribly clean ending that they abandoned quickly in order to create The Hurt Business. So this isn’t something that ran the course and he’s been kept incredibly strong since.
  2. They suddenly threw Keith Lee into the months-long mix with he and Riddle, which makes me think they realized they wanted to take the belt off of him for something bigger quickly, but that Riddle couldn’t be the guy to take it off him. Triple threat lets them move the belt off of him without getting pinned and sets up an opportunity for Lashley to face new champion Lee (or a returning Braun) at Fastlane for the #1 contendership (while they finally do the McIntyre-Sheamus match). Barring a part-timer like Christian (or ::cough:: Brock) coming in or having to extremely-quickly heat up Kofi for the spot, there really isn’t anyone more ready for this spot than Lashley. I hope that’s where they’re going with this.