Bohemian Rhapdsody movie trailer

What’s your opinion on the trailer? Are you all excited for the film?

I’m excited for the film as I am a big Queen fan, I’m interested to see how they portray the band from their formation in 1970 to Live Aid in 1985 and I’m most of all really looking forward to seeing how Rami Ralek does as Freddie Mercury.


It is a great trailer and its certainly done it’s job and got me interested in the movie. But I’ll probably wait for the reviews before saying this is a “must see” in theaters. Biographical movies (and most fictional movies) about rock bands haven’t been very good. Rami Ralek has an almost impossible job of being as charismatic and as powerful a personality as Freddie Mercury.

The trailer is already causing some concern that the movie will ignore Freddie’s gay sexuality and his death from AIDS. I personally think it’s too early to judge how accurate the movie will be from a teaser meant to just get the audience HYPED.

Yeah, that’s what one of the most talented musicians ever should be boiled down to and remembered for. Forget all the legacy of the music he created, just make sure the facts that he was gay and he died from AIDS is hammered into the audiences heads. It’s the most important thing.

Wait…hot button topics lik Aids and homosexuality is supposed to he in a trailer that is designed to entice people to want to watch a movie?

And looks like the guy is lip synching…no no no…you don’t get an oscar for faking it.

Yeah, back when they were talking about Sasha Baron Cohen, I thought he would be a lock for an Oscar if he pulled off the vocals. But even if “guy I recognize from commercials during Raw from that show everybody tells me is really good” is excellent in the role, I’m not sure if he gets the nod without singing.

As for the other stuff, the film is being billed as a Queen bio pic, not a Freddie Mercury bio pic. So as long as they don’t lie or whitewash the facts, I could care less if they delve into his sexuality or his death. Ray Charles and Johnny Cash were both alive and well (the characters, not the real guys) when the credits rolled on their movies.

LOL that’s exactly where I recognized him from too!

is Mauro in it? Mama Mia Mama Mia!!!

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