Book a Bayley heel turn

Is this possible in a believable way? Maybe not but since when was “believable” a concern in WWE? Here’s a few of my ridiculous ideas. Would love to hear yours!

  1. Bayley’s incessant need to hug her fans leads to a vicious ringworm outbreak which sends her over the edge. Blaming the fans, she now comes out covered in razorwire.
  2. Deuce and Domino return and slowly seduce her into being a “bad girl”.
  3. Bayley gives up personal hygiene, starts a Nasty Girls stable, and gives her 10 year old fans in the aisle Pity City

Here’s the best way to turn Bayley heel;

Step one; Don’t do it.

That’ll do.


I’d have her get hurt during a match, have Bray Wyatt appear and then disappear with Bayley.

Next Week we see a vignette of The Wyatt Compound and we have a new Wyatt Family… All the members of Insanity from NXT.

Bray is attempting to Brain Wash Bayley, with the great war with Woken Matt approaching, he needs soldiers.

He even references her being a fan of Matt as a child and brings up how she wanted the world to be all puppies dogs and hugs and how all the people turned on her at her lowest point when she got hurt just trying to fight for them and entertain them. Bring up how even her all her friends abandoned her.

All her friends are more successful. They all left NXT before,her, Sasha is the Boss, Charlotte is the champion on Smackdown, and Becky is off making movies.

After weeks Bayley returns and she has been brain washed. Sasha tries to reach her but gets Bayley to bellied.

Then the little Bayley super fan and her mom tries to save Bayley. The little girl tries to hug Bayley but Bayley refuses and then Bayley to bellies her mom…

Heel Turn Complete.

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  • Bayley takes a chair shot to the head, stretchered out.

  • Reports that she has amnesia.

  • Vignettes of wrestlers visiting her in the hospital, they try to remind her of who she is, show her footage of herself from WWE Network (always plug the network!)

  • More horrible vignettes of Bayley alone in the hospital watching the network, she stumbles upon the attitude era. She’s in a trance… so…much…violence.

  • Flash forward a few weeks, during a random women’s match the lights go out, An absolutely terrible screamo version of Bayley’s theme plays throughout the arena. Instead of the inflatable “Bayley Buddies” it’s two large middle fingers flapping around.

Bayley comes out dressed like an early 2000’s emo girl, carrying a trash can full of “hardcore” props. She attacks the two wrestlers attitude era hardcore style. She takes the microphone and says Bayley is dead, she is now know as…BADLEY!


Let’s see if there is a realistic way to turn her heel without some voodoo-bs…

Turning her heel would be stupid to begin with, but since she’s so over with the fans, she has to turn against them and not against a specific wrestler.

You could make her go on a Curt Hawkins-esque losing streak, fans lose interest in her (who wants to support a loser ffs?!), she is sad/disappointed/angry that the fans no longer support her like they did when she was in NXT, so she stops caring about the fans and being a happy-go-lucky-girl, starts using dirty tactics to win matches, fans will turn against her.

Or…you can let her read self-written poems every Monday Night…

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Women’s Royal Rumble…
Sasha and Bayley eliminate third competitor and are left alone just as the countdown starts…Sasha turns her back on her friend to see who is coming…Bayley tosses her out…Sasha jumps back in to confront her, and Bayley gets eliminated…Bayley throws a fit and lays out Sasha…

The next night on Raw she comes out to say what she did was within the rules…but Sasha cost her the Rumble by coming back in the ring. “ She is always my friend when it’s convienient for her but when I am in her way, she steps right over me…so I left her laying on the floor like the doormat she always has made me…”

Sasha comes out “ I’m sorry you feel that way…”

Bayley…”you feel sorry? Ok fine, I guess you want Absolution…”

Absolution comes out and they leave Sasha laid out again…Bayley wipes her feet off on her former friend…

And now a word from Mountain Dew…

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Keep her being lame…the audience will turn her.

How to turn great faces into characters people will boo or ignore.

Step 1. Get them way over in NXT. Absolute fan favorites.
Step 2. Give them to the writers on RAW.


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Give her a shitty boyfriend and she keeps telling herself he’s not like that when they’re alone…have her isolate herself from her friends and eventually turn on them for not supporting her choices and trying to sabotage her relationship.

Then we get Slutty Bayley…can mirror the Cartman relationship arc from the last two seasons of Southpark

  • Go with a slow burn … each week one more of the inflatable Bayley buddies touches an audience member inappropriately.

  • Out of nowhere, piledrive Izzy onto the concrete.

  • Introduce her new boy toy, ‘No Way San Jose’.

Wow! I think that would be a terrible idea! I think you would have to totally blow up the character because there is no way the Bayley character as it is today is getting booed. You could maybe have her start losing all her matches and turn her into a whiner and complainer. Have her actually throw temper tantrums like a little girl and you could maybe make her so annoying that she would start getting booed but again, a terrible idea!

Have her cut 5-10 minute promos every week. Getting her cringeworthyness for 5-10 minutes a week will easily make her a heel in a lot of peoples eyes. Heck the Toronto crowd couldn’t stand her for a minute, imagine getting 5-10 minutes of Bayley talking.

Do the Red Rooster storyline. Book her on a brutal losing streak, then have a heel mentor take her under his/her wing, encourage her to drop all the BS.

Then we get MMA Bayley, plain ring gear, no ponytail, no wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men, totally mat/submission based style. The wins return, the heel mentor gloats, but something is missing.

You build up to Bayley finally turning on the mentor (eg mentor encourages her to beat on an opponent post match), then finally we get the PPV match between Bayley and Mentor (or mentor’s new protege), and Bayley comes out with her old gimmick back to massive pop.

I totally agree.

The Bayley character may even work as a heel and be a funnier or edgier performer. But it’s always easier to be a heel. What is damn near impossible in 2017 is to be a good baby face. And you may argue that the Raw booking team isn’t using her correctly but a heel turn could ruin her forever as a great ambassador for young girls.

I use the same argument with guys like Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles or CM Punk. They may make excellent heels. But they are good babyfaces and being a good babyface is much harder to do and much more needed today.

CM Punk wasn’t a good babyface…so entitled and arrogant they had to turn him twice after he won the world title and after he became the WWE Champion.

Don’t blame booking either. …a great performer gets over shitty booking…we’re watching AJ do it now.

a Heel turn would be a terrible idea. It’s throwing money away. Heel turns aren’t always the solution. It’s just a lame excuse to cover up shitty booking. they just have to rebuild her into a sympathetic face. It’s just a matter of finding the right scenario. A character sitdown piece would be a great solution.

I disagree with the thought that it’s a good idea, but I think the way to turn Bayley heel would be through the current situation with Sasha. Have a couple more weeks of teased dissension - presumably building to a Sasha heel turn - but then have Bayley snap seemingly out of nowhere and beat the shit out of her. Not sure exactly what to do other than having Sasha blade (which, along with “have a longer build” and “more selling”, is the old school fan’s solution to everything).

Again, I don’t love this because I can’t imagine Bayley pulling off a heel character in her promos and matches without looking like a kid “playing heel” in the backyard. But maybe we would be pleasantly surprised.


I mean there’s a way to do it that is nuanced and requires depth of character. It’s definitely possible. And she could end up being the biggest babyface in the women’s division. Nuance and depth of character are also things WWE very rarely does.

She could’ve been John Shena…but smart fans already proclaimed the company would ruin her and stopped supporting her after a bad segment…like it was her fault.

Soon as she was booked to be exactly what she is…kid friendly, the online Lynch mob showed up.

Lost her supposed core fans who followed her in NXT and so the company allegedly gave up on her. …gee I wonder why?