Booker T back on RAW Monday

Apparently Coach is doing something with the Golf Channel and Booker T is subbing in Monday. Some sites are reporting or heavily implying that Coach is being replaced permanently but according to Coach it’s just for a week.


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I don’t understand why they put Coach back behind the desk. The dude has just been an anchor on ESPN for years, he should be hosting Network specials and doing backstage stuff, not announcing.


Had to fill the black guy quota. You could argue Mark Henry or Ron Simmons would be a better fit, but it’s probably not safe for Graves.

After the atrocious commentary I listened to streaming indy events during WM week, I don’t think I’ll ever complain about WWE commentators again. It has to be way harder than it looks/sounds.

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Booker T’s insanity can at times be funny. Coachman however is just irritating. Didn’t like him commentating during the initial brand split and he’s worse now as he barely knows who the wrestlers are.

Commentators knowing a lot less than most the viewers isn’t something that should be happening.

Having brief first-hand experience with the indies, commentary for any sports, let alone wrestling, is hard enough. You have to be somewhat familiar with the talent and their gimmicks, finishing moves, signature holds, etc. You also have to have some knowledge of what each segment is trying to convey, even if you don’t know the payoff for the angle.

Then imagine doing it with producers, directors, and Vince McMahon screaming in your ear. You have to hit several cues in any given segment (storytelling, advertising, etc.), and you have to know how to command the situation if you’re the play-by-play guy because commercial breaks are extremely rigid and have to hit at the right marks each quarter-hour and half-hour.

Does this excuse poor commentary? No. But it certainly explains why everyone isn’t able to do the job that Michael Cole and others have done.


Coach has been pretty brutal. At least Booker is entertaining, it’s a good move to bring him back. They also need to pick one show for Graves to be on as he is really getting overexposed.

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I never had a big problem w/Booker’s commentary. Sure he said dumb things from time to time, but that’s part of his role. He’s SUPPOSED to be the legend, the HOFer, the old uncle that tells you how things were back in his day.

My bigger issue w/the commentary is Vince’s need to have the announcers try to one-up each other. It takes away from the flow of the commentary & draws unecessary attention to the occasional mistakes/verbal flubs that Booker (or Coach, or Cole) makes. :100:

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From time to time? Almost everything he said for 7 years of commentary was dumb. The only value he brought was being made fun of by Cole and Graves for saying dumb things.

Can we all agree that WWE’s devotion to finding a black guy on commentary makes up for any racism they have ever been accused of towards blacks? This is literally the worst case of affirmative action and quota filling I have seen in human history. They should really try out Xavier Woods on commentary. I don’t see him going that far as a wrestler and think he might have what it takes and seems to be at least decent on commentary.

My problem with Booker is that he trips over his own words and analogies fairly often. I see what he is trying to do but his execution is sloppy.

Coach is a wee bit different in that he just feels like a transplant who just doesn’t care about the product that he is on. His delivery is better than Booker’s but that just makes it easier for the fans to hear/understand his sillies.

Human history lmao

hyperbolic much? Atleast this company puts more than one black person on TV unlike SNL until about 5 years ago.

Just bring back Tazz.

you sound like you really hate black people.

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