Booker T weighs in on Corey Graves potentially returning to the ring

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Booker T gives his take on the recent developments concerning Corey Graves.

It was first reported by Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp that WWE commentator Corey Graves was moved off the company’s ‘no contact’ list at some point late last year. Sapp noted that people have stated that Graves has been cleared by WWE medical. WWE did not confirm that.

Graves’ former broadcast partner Booker T took to his ‘Hall of Fame’ podcast to share his thoughts about the aforementioned developments. Booker understands if Graves is getting the itch to wrestle again but questioned if this is a smart move for Graves.

Let’s start with something light, Corey Graves. What the hell is he thinking? Let’s start there. Let’s start there.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. We knew all of those guys, okay Alex Riley, yeah. He’s been gone so long, I forgot his name.

Booker’s co-host pitched several ways that Graves could return to the ring or be used. Booker was not in agreeance because Graves has not shown any signs of aggression towards any in-ring talent since he’s been on commentary.

Booker said his advice to Corey is to stay in his current position, but added that if Graves is coming back, so is he.

I get that. I get your enthusiasm and how hyped up you are right now . But we haven’t seen Corey Graves whoop nobody ass since he’s been there. You never see him bulk up to anybody or even get tough or even talk tough and now all of a sudden, Corey Graves just gonna jump up from the table and just start whooping up on guys? I mean come on. You’re kidding me here, right? You’re kidding me, right? You’re kidding me, right?

My advice to Corey Graves… my advice to Corey Graves is to sit at that table. Just like Ernie Ladd said back in the day, you know, ‘Jimmy Cornette has paid me a job to do that job and I do that job well.’ That’s what Corey Graves is right now. Do that job! Do that job well because you don’t wanna run back in that ring and something happen. Time off is your worst enemy. How long has Corey been off now? Several years. So my thing is this, you know, and the thing is, I’m gonna tell you right now, damn it, if Corey Graves makes a comeback, I’m making one.

It was jokingly stated that Booker should form a trio with Corey and Byron Saxton and here was his response:

Hell nah, we don’t want Byron .

Further commenting on the topic, the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer feels that Graves has mastered commentary. Booker said if he was a higher-up in WWE, he would not want to lose Graves in that role because he would be difficult to replace.

You know what? If you can work ‘em both but, I wouldn’t give up the chair. I just wouldn’t. I just think Corey’s doing such a hell of a job being a commentator. I mean, those type of guys, they come few and far between. They really do. Guys like him that can command that position because you’re doing that on a weekly basis and you gotta be able to go out there and do it somewhat a little bit different every time and Corey, he’s literally mastered that and I just would not wanna — me personally, if I was in a higher position, I would not wanna lose a Corey Graves in that position just because he would be so hard to replace, really would be.

Corey Graves’ last sanctioned match was in 2014 at a WrestleMania AXXESS event in New Orleans. Graves won the 24/7 Title on Raw back in November.

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