Boulder confirms Iron Savages are signed to AEW, details how instrumental Cody Rhodes was in their success

Originally published at Boulder confirms Iron Savages are signed to AEW, details how instrumental Cody Rhodes was in their success

Boulder is looking forward to building up ROH’s tag division. 

The duo of Boulder and Bronson a.k.a. Iron Savages have been tagging since 2017. They were known as ‘Bear Country’ prior to their name change. 

Dating back to 2020, Boulder and Bronson have been working with All Elite Wrestling and over the last year, they’ve been featured on the Ring of Honor brand.

Boulder guest appeared on The Shining Wizards podcast and confirmed that him and Bronson are signed to AEW. When asked about matches or moments that come to mind from their run in AEW, one of the bouts he brought up was their match against Jack Perry and Luchasaurus on the 4/7/21 Dynamite. Boulder shared that he tore his bicep in the match. 

We kept coming back (to AEW) and after a while, we got contracted. Since we were there, not really in the most positive light, but a match that sticks out to me is our match, April 2021 on Dynamite against Jurassic Express. That was the match where I tore my bicep. Not very fun.

They first signed with the company four years ago. He said he cannot speak about what the future holds for them in AEW/ROH, but they plan on sticking around and building the ROH tag team division. 

Well, I can tell you we signed our first contracts literally on New Year’s Eve of 2020 and can’t really talk about what the future holds. But we plan on sticking around for a long time and really help bolstering up that tag division in Ring of Honor. You know, everyone wants to say they’d love to be on TV every week and be the champions and be featured every week and that’s great and everything but I’m not a demanding person. I don’t expect the world, I’m very happy with what we’re doing. I know it’s not perfect yet, and we’re still — not really throwing sh*t at the wall and seeing what sticks but, we’re trying to find our stride. You’ll notice every match, we’re trying to do something different, trying to see what sticks, trying to see what people like and that’s what wrestling is.

Elsewhere in the chat, Boulder shared how instrumental Cody Rhodes was in their accomplishments at AEW. He added that Rhodes agented some of their matches. 

Boulder described Rhodes as a ‘positive figure’ in the company and he misses him being there. He still keeps in touch with him . 

By the time we (Iron Savages) were signed, Cody (Rhodes) was there for maybe another year and for our first year there, Cody was very instrumental to what we accomplished there. He took a liking to us. He actually went out of his way to agent some of our matches. He was a very, very positive figure to have there and I miss him… and I still — not very often but, I still keep in touch with him to this day. Every now and again, I reach out to him and tell him I love what he’s doing. He’s someone that I’m very proud to know and I guess to call a friend so…

The Iron Savages were in action at the ROH on HonorClub taping on February 3rd after Collision. Their most recent AEW TV appearance was on the December 2nd Collision

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