Brain Surgery Recovery

Hey guys. I want to thank you all for the well wishes while I have been recovering from brain surgery. When a doctor tells you they got to start cutting your head, it ain’t the easiest thing to hear and you have no time to process it. I was literally told on a Friday night that I needed brain surgery and by Saturday morning they were putting staples in my head. But my surgeons saved my life and I am grateful. I will talk about this further when me and Nate tape the NWA Podcast.

KME, Kris from L.A.


I’m sorry to hear you needed that, but very happy you seem to be ok. I’m sorry you had to go through that.


All good. We are all going through something, right? Thanks.


I’m glad that you are alright and please take all the rest and time you need. Your health is the only priority us fans of KME need right now!


Wow, glad everything went well! Hope you have a smooth recovery.

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First and foremost I send positive wishes on a speedy and full recovery.

You mentioned how quick you were told and how fast the procedure happened and I’m honestly just sitting here now wondering if I’d want time to process it or for it just to be over… a crazy serious situation that I’m sorry you have to deal with but all the best!

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At first I was like “can you give me time to process this” but then I was kind of glad that they got it over and out of the way fast. My neurosurgeon said if they didn’t catch it when they did I probably wouldn’t have made it out of this year.