Brandi Rhodes confirms plans for a return to the ring

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Brandi Rhodes has said that she is training “all of the time” for a return to the wrestling ring.

In a wide-ranging interview published on the Muscle & Fitness website this weekend, Brandi also addressed her husband Cody’s performance at the Hell in a Cell premium live event on June 5th, when he competed with a fully torn pectoral muscle.

On a return to in-ring performing, Brandi confirmed that she was a regular at the Rhodes’ Nightmare Factory wrestling school in Atlanta, Georgia:

I’m still training all of the time. People can connect the dots and make of that what they will. I will tell you; I wouldn’t be training and getting beat up (laughs) just for the hell of it, so obviously I do plan to continue my in-ring career. When and where? That is yet to be seen but I hope when it does happen, everybody is happy and proud.

Also during the interview, which was conducted the day after Hell in a Cell, Brandi was asked whether she had given Cody a “ticking off” for performing with a serious injury.

No, because the reason that wrestlers marry wrestlers is because we get it. We understand, you know? So, I think I’m probably the only person that he’s comfortable talking to during these incidents because, as much as it’s hard to watch him being in pain and working through pain, I understand it, I’ve done it, and I get it. So, as long as we have the all-clear from doctors I’m fully supporting him.

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— Brandi Rhodes (@TheBrandiRhodes) July 13, 2022

Transcription courtesy of Muscle & Fitness