Braun Strowman's Tag Team partner is....?

Could do this on Raw but I would Wait until Mania! either way would work.

Have Mania start The Bar Comes down to the ring Demand they know who will be Strowman’s partner tonight or Mania won’t start they Grab chairs sit in the ring. Braun’s music hits The Bar stands up. Braun Comes out says I know you don’t want to get these hands but you don’t want to get these guys hands either! Sheamus Celtic music hits! Cesaro looks double crossed at Sheamus. Sheamus is confused laughs at Braun Says " Braun Im not your partner" The Bar then laughs. Braun laughs then dead pan stares and says " you are not the only Celtic person" the music hits again and out walks…

Conor McGregor!!!

Ha okay i probably had to many Guinness. Might not be realistic but considering what WWE has pulled off lately not to crazy and the thing is if WWE could get Conor to Agree a Million dollars to throw one punch is the only involvement he needs in the match! (WWE had the Rhonda at Mania 31 thing.) They Win Conor takes A managerial Role over Braun. Braun defends the belts alone until he loses them in a few months and WWE can say that Connor McGregor is a WWE Champion. Some fans might not like it a champion that’s not there but with the tag belts its different one guy is there and he is very legit able to defend them himself. Besides what else really would be a bigger story for the tag division then that for 3 months then we can get back to the deserving teams.

Anyways he is my dark horse how about realistic options?

There’s no way it’s Conor, and if it was to be they’d advertise it way in advance.

Yes Usually I would agree but then UFC might want to back out or Stop whatever is agreed upon with Conor, after it goes down on Raw. Plus Conor then Could hold Vince up. The thing with Rhonda at Mania 31 Wasn’t announced ahead of time. At the time Rhonda was almost as big as Conor is now. It seemed like the day after weeks after UFC regretted allowing Rhonda to do Mania 31 that or never knew she was doing it. All I am saying is this might be the best chance to get Conor. Sure you will have to pay him a mill or two at least and only a little involvement. However you can dangle the carrot of a shiny belt in front of him. Which he wont give two bleeps for most likely but tell him it is something you can instagram or tweet his followers will eat it up and his ego will too. Other then getting Conor in the ring with Lesnar or the Rock (even talking) there be nothing you could really offer him unless it is 10 million plus and to do nothing. This case it is basically a million or 2 million appearance fee and Conor gets a pop culture award trophy. (Raw title Belt.) It’s unlikely to happen but as far as crazy ideas I find there is a logical business decision behind this at least it having a plausible practicability.

I don’t hate the idea, but there is no way he’d be a surprise.

If they plan on letting Braun win the belts it will be someone who can regularly (or semi-regularly) help him defend them.

Otherwise it will be someone who can eat the pin to keep Braun looking strong.

I didn’t think it was going to be James Ellsworth until I heard him on the stone cold podcast. He kept on talking about a possible return to WWE.

Any man with two hands imo.

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Also, interesting you mention Conor. Did you see those crazy odds he’d appear? Both he and Rock listed at insanely favorable odds to appear at Mania. Almost locks.

Would a Conor v Rock match at Mania 35 do Conor/Mayweather business? Both are spectacles and in this case at least Rock is beloved by the world and people may want to see someone they can root for “fight” Conor.

I think they can make it work as long as the answer is not ‘No One’ or ‘Alexa’.

I’d pick Ellsworth as a nice little call back story and Braun having to bail him out constantly would make for an entertaining dynamic.

If you’d ask me who I think they’re gonna go with I’d probably say Misterio. Could go several ways here as if he’s gonna be a Jericho type freelancer they don’t have to drag that out past Mania.

I could see them jamming Big Cass in there. The injury timeline seems tight. Wouldn’t make a lick of sense story wise, but not many of these do.

Big Show seems to be transitioning to a back stage role, but I think this could really work here. Give him a nice Mania moment (since he didn’t get the Shaq match). I haven’t seen him in forever, but he probably looks like Strowman now with all the work he’s putting in. Every wrestler talks about ‘1 or 2’ tough gimmicks early on and having to get through them, but I’m not sure a wrestler has had to deal with more stuff thrown at him that this guy. He’s gone out there and performed everything thrown at him for an incredibly long time and if he’s heading back stage, this would be a nice sendoff.

Would be hilarious to see the reaction if it was Ziggler. Actually I’d rather have him come out there after 13 matches are done and act like he’s in the Main Event.

If it is a notorious one, I’d release that info on RAWnda (you can have that one WWE). Heck, under my scenario from above, have Connor ‘knock out’ Ziggler. He’d sell it better than Aldo.

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Really like the idea of Gargano for some reason. It could be to give him his due for his great bout against Almas, or maybe because I think he deserves more than 205 Live.

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Between when Shane was hospitalized and Shane was cleared for a Mania match I actually though this would have been a great spot for Bryan. And there is historybwith Shemus and Bryan at Wrestlemania. Something about Strowman and Bryan as a team would be neat - maybe it’s the beards

I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t have a problem with the answer being no one. Braun has been built up so much that he doesn’t need a tag team partner.

Just have him win the titles in a squash match. The show needs a couple of quick matches anyway. And it would be interesting to watch him carry around both belts. I don’t think it’s ever been done before that one man alone has held the tag belts. He can lose them back to the Bar or a debuting AoP on the next Raw.

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I guess the argument here is why insert him into the tag-team games at all? Perhaps it speaks to the lack of flexibility to move off “Vince’s boy?” or is there a long term plan that is in play here that is being unraveled?

If it’s a returning superstar, Ambrose, Jeff Hardy, or Samoa Joe. For a surprise, I’m still thinking Hogan, for the cheap pop.

I like the idea of Joe, just 2 monsters destroying everything.

Either Ellsworth or Braun’s long-lost pappy…WWE HOFer, Hillbilly Jim! :astonished::joy::100:


Most likely: Big show.

Hoping for Neville or Ellsworth.

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I like the no one idea but since it seems they won’t do that. I like the Neville idea too. That would be a big shock actually for me

Anybody but Golddust…

Odd choice of “anyone but…”

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