BREAKING NEWS AUDIO: Vince McMahon Announces XFL Return

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John Pollock and Wai Ting discuss Vince McMahon’s announcement of the return of the XFL under Alpha Entertainment in 2020.

Watch the full press conference here.

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Those edits at the end were trippy.

Bryan Alverez was saying that Vince once said that the perfect length of a wrestling show is 90 minutes.

What I find interesting about the XFL is how Vince plans to run both WWE and XFL simultaneously at least up until the point it goes live. How do you manage that kind of schedule at all? Let alone at 70 years old?

You have to assume his time from running WWE alone is extremely precious.

Despite Vince’s claims I would be nervous as a shareholder of WWE.

Considering he’s using a separate company for this league and they’re not part of the WWE stock…I wouldn’t freak out if I was an investor. Fact is…their stick rose after today’s announcement.

Stupid rubes buying stick today thinking their the same thing…don’t be a rube people.

wwe product will continue to decline and go back to 2.8 from a one week off 4.8 not looking forward to the next 2 years of this wrestling

Gonna decline with the guy who runs the universally praised NXT taking over…the disconnect of the so called wrestling fan.

During the podcast, y’all mentioned how the xfl wouldn’t be able to sign players away from the nfl, but they don’t have to. The nfl can only draft so many players a year and some of those won’t make it, so I can see the xfl as being a good alternative to the nfl for some really good players that nfl teams just don’t have the room for.

Very casual football fan here. Don’t players that don’t get drafted in the NFL usually get picked up by the CFL? Will Vince be able to be competitive?

Did the last time.

I can’t see them not having a Half Time for the fact that I’m pretty sure that’s where the owners of the stadiums would make most of their money selling Concession items and fans would like to use it as a toilet break.