BREAKING NEWS: WWE to run Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia

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John Pollock and Wai Ting have a special breaking news show to discuss the WWE’s decision to go forward with the Crown Jewel event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia next week.

They discuss the WWE’s statement in their third-quarter earnings report, how the story was handled on the investors call, what was and wasn’t brought up, and the other issues they could face over the next week.

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John Cena might be out more then moral factors he was on the daily show recently and said he still gets in and wrestles but its hard to do because of the movie people and insurance.

I guess thats why the Aussie show he was in for 45 seconds even maybe reason why mania match was quick. (Did have a long match at GRR.) Anyways Cena is in minimum contact matches and for a tournament it wouldn’t work 3 fast matches? or Cena losing in a min or two in opening round.

Still can be a moral decision but the Insurance issue is another reason it makes him harder to do this show.

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This isn’t even a trending topic, not even on my timeline which is pro wrestling oriented, almost like people who didn’t already have a vested interest in this didn’t and don’t care.

I’m more excited for the post show of Crown Jewel with Todd Martin, Bixenspan and Brother Nate

WSJ article about WWE today. Stock down over 5% and looking like it’ll go sub-70 for first time in months.

Glad I got out when I did a few weeks ago. Happy to have made my money and walked away from the stock…It’ll fund my trips and tickets to see New Japan, ROH, and All In 2 :sweat_smile:

Stock drops were the trend this week across the board.

Are you implying the stock drop is unrelated to the announcement of them going forward with the show?

I’m saying simply using the drop being a result of Crown jewel is misleading.

Across the board investors are selling stocks, and while WWE’s is high it’s been in a constant state without rising for awhile.

Noone else not thinking people are bracing for an economic turn down? No one remembering 2000 and 2008?

That’s like hunting every wolf in your ecosystem and then saying 'Hey animals are going extinct all over the world, you can’t blame this on us."

All these other stocks that declined this week shared the Friday morning timeframe?

It’s fine acknowledging the market being down, but has largely stabilized today when WWE is down 8% following yesterday’s earnings report. On top of that, WWE is down 28% since Oct. 1, so they are facing a significantly larger decline that the market at large. The stock was always going to come back down to Earth but this month has been an accelerated drop and comes from several factors.


Dow been down 29% all month too though

edit: just read company posted it’s highest quarterly profits this week and then this happens.

Ok, definitely a correlation.

Company going to have to hunker down and wait for the mid terms to take away attention.

ESPN ran an article actually reporting on WWE in news terms not just a fluff piece. Interesting.
Also John Cena’s quote from April does age well:

“What an honor and a privilege it is to be allowed to be a part of an event like today,” Cena said in April. “Regardless of what is going on in my universe, I was not going to miss this event for anything in the world. I want to send a genuine thank you to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia … for its unmatched hospitality that extends far beyond this evening. And I also want to say once again, thank all of you for allowing me to be part of something so special.”

Ouch John

Mike Johnson on PW insider reporting that Bryan is off the card now,

I assume they’ll do an angle tonight to explain this, it’ll be interesting to see what if any repercussions this has for Bryan - Cena is untouchable and not around much anyway, Bryan is there full time. Will the match take place later?