Brent Chittenden's Darkside Radio Show Premier

Hey everyone, it’s been a little bit.

Thank you again to all of you who put in your support behind me getting my own show at 89.1 Max FM. As you may remember, the effort was successful and I got my own show.

Barring any last-minute technical issues, The Darkside will begin airing on

Thursday August 13 at 9pm est. (Thursday nights will be my home for the time being)

The show runs for about an hour. Currently, we’re doing it pre-recorded so I won’t be taking calls or anything like that for a few months.

But, I can promise you, I’ve got some really killer line-ups of music if you’re into goth, industrial, or just some weird kind of alternative.

If you live outside the range of the station (which is probably 90% of you), you can tune in via live stream here.

If you’re interested in following the show on social media:


Twitter: @Darkside_Radio

Station website:

Thank you to all of you, especially John and Wai for giving me a hand.


ps I have been asked about John and Wai making an appearance on the show. The music I’m playing isn’t really John’s thing and I’m unsure how much of it is Wai’s BUT, John and Wai have always said that their door is always open for me to appear on their shows, I definitely extend the same to them, it’ll just be figuring out how to fit them in with the format.


Congratulations! Much success to you for years to come. :+1:t5: