Bret Hart Attacked

I’m watching NJPW tonight but a friend told me about this. If wwe had just run msg for the hof they would have had a much more secure set up for the wrestlers and hurt the competition too. Everyone appears fine. Anyone catch this live?

Seems like the attacker took a beating but otherwise everyone’s ok. Travis Browne landed some shots and Dash Wilder hit him hard on the way out as well.

Definitely a bit of karmic justice to pull the shit he did and then get caught by Travis Browne out of every person in that arena.

Glad to hear that he took a beating because he deserved it. This was discuting and the guys should be banned not just from wwe but from any wrestling event for life.

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To suggest that WWE could have prevented this or its their fault is absurd. According to some eye witnesses this guy was 15 rows back. Whether the HoF was at MSG or kept the speeches on the stage instead of in the ring crazy people are going to do crazy things.

The guy deserved the ass kicking he got and I’m very glad Bret seems okay.


Lucky for the guy, that Harry Smith didn’t get to him first. It looked like Harry was about to kill that dude.


Im not blaming the wwe for this idiot but when i went to the hof at msg there was a lot more distance between us and the stage. Fans seem Very close for my liking.

What a dumb thing to do with these giants everywhere? Plus, you’re jumping an older man who had a stroke before. I dont get humanity sometimes.

Hes lucky Travis went with punches and not elbows. Heath Slater didn’t look like he was gonna fuck around either lol.

Anyways, this guy doesn’t deserve the attention. Lots of fun stuff is going on tonight, and we might as well focus on that. Jim Neidhart had a hell of a career. His run was before my time, but I love watching that 10 man tag from 97, with the Hart Foundation against Stone Cold and friends.


After seeing the footage, I really think it’s important two guys (any two) take off their jackets and kind of use them to shield the cameras view of the guys feeding shots to the attacker. Might save their friends a few dollars in court costs and whatnot.

Why couldn’t this guy run in, on Harlem Heat?:joy::joy: Would’ve been less chaos and security could’ve taken a coffee break.

You’re definitely right. My memories of the Hart Foundation is of the Battle Royal with Andre, the Saturday Night’s Main Event matches, and the 2-out of-3 falls match against Demolition.


Stevie Ray would have put the guy 6 feet under.

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