Bret Hart to star in film titled 'STALKER'

Originally published at Bret Hart to star in film titled 'STALKER'

Hart is one of the stars of the film. 

Come March 24th, 2023, a film titled ‘STALKER’ is going to hit select theaters and will be available On Demand. Starring in the film are Sophie Skelton, Stuart Brennan and Bret Hart. 

Hart is shown in the trailer for the film and below is the synopsis for it:

A broken down freight elevator precariously hangs dangerously high, trapping a young woman inside with her stalker.

Starring Sophie Skelton (Outlander) and BAFTA winning actor Stuart Brennan. Rose Hepburn, a young horror actress, returns to her empty hotel. Forced to use the old freight elevator, it jolts to a halt on the twelfth floor, leaving her trapped with an unusual stranger.

Left with no phone signal as a storm approaches, tensions escalate and suspicions rise when Rose discovers the identity of the mysterious man is Daniel Reed, a camera operator who is seemingly obsessed with her.

Hart’s past acting credits include ‘The Demented’, Corner Gas and The Immortal.

I love Bret, my second favorite wrestler of all time. With that said, is there any chance this is going to be a great movie?

Hmmmm I wanna say yes, but…

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I know right! I want it to be good, but I don’t have high hopes lol.

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For shame Mr. Thompson, for how could you forget the GREATNESS that is one, Luther Root on the CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED SERIES, Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years.