Brett Lauderdale advised not to comment on accusations of using fraudulent COVID-19 test results

Originally published at Brett Lauderdale advised not to comment on accusations of using fraudulent COVID-19 test results

Serious allegations of acquiring fraudulent COVID test results were made against Game Changer Wrestling promoter Brett Lauderdale, who has declined comment for the time being.

California-based promoter Mikey Gordon, also known as ‘Dirty’ Ron McDonald, made accusations that Lauderdale had contacted him regarding acquiring fake COVID test results and stating “MY PEOPLE made over 50 fake COVID test results so he could runs (sic) shows during the pandemic”

Dirty Ron McDonald saying Brett Lauderdale hired him to make fake covid tests kicks so much ass

— doxxy (@DoxxxyStocksy) May 25, 2022

Gordon complained about Lauderdale being “cheap” and made claims of talent making “$50-$100 pay days” and paying for their own rental cars and hotels, which claims which were disputed by wrestler Tony Deppen.

Pay for our own hotels, $50 bucks, huh?

I’ve never once paid for my hotel, even the first time Gcw went to la years ago.

And even when we were drawing 50 people I was never paid that little.

— Tony Deppen (@Tony_Deppen) May 25, 2022

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reached out to Lauderdale, who stated:

Comment from GCW owner Brett Lauderdale on the fake COVID test accusations: "I've referred this matter to my lawyer and as much as I'd like to comment, I've been advised not to."

— Sean Ross Sapp of (@SeanRossSapp) May 25, 2022

Since the allegations were made public, several GCW wrestlers have stood up and shared their experiences regarding Lauderdale and GCW’s COVID protocols during the pandemic:

Before every show we had a group chat where we’d talk about her recautions and the deadlines for our covid tests. I also had to sit out two shows cause my tests didn’t come back in time – and that was at the request of Brett.

— Tony Deppen (@Tony_Deppen) May 25, 2022

We always had groups like this on social media apps, many wrestlers have been told to sit out before…

Roster is vaccinated now, see everyone in Vegas 🙄🙌🏻

— “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela (@JANELABABY) May 25, 2022

GCW made me send my test results to head referees.Brett made it clear to me many times if you test positive or dont get a test you cant compete,I believe he took it very serious.On top of that GCW pays ME very good.And that has been since DAY1.Ofcourse these are MY experiences.

— Jordan Oliver (@TheJordanOIiver) May 25, 2022

Not trying to keep bullshit or drama going. I try to avoid it at all costs but this is a direct message from the weekend in question. For whatever it’s worth.

we had specific people designated to send tests to as well before arriving to the venue.

— raddy daddy (@ColeRadrick) May 25, 2022