Brian Christopher

Just read on that Brian Christopher hung himself in jail and is in the hospital right now and not expected to survive. Family members have been called in to say their goodbyes. Horrible news and very sad!

Pwinsider is reporting the same thing. Terrible news!

And just read he’s passed away

What a tragic way to end. It was clear he was on a self destructive path, but it’s never easy to see it conclude in such a way. Condolences to the Lawler family.

That’s awful news. I remember going through a (very brief) phase of copying his speaking style (slang etc) during the Too Cool days. My girlfriend was not impressed

I remember being shocked when he was released soon afterwards, but I’d no idea of his personal troubles

I don’t think he’ll be easily forgotten by Attitude Era fans

He was part of one of the hottest acts of the Attitude Era. I bet many who lived through it can remember his dance or the fact he pulled down his glasses before doing his big leg drop.

Very sad news. RIP

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It’s been reported that Brian Christopher has been taken off life support ( acknowledges this as well).

Sad end to a life full of struggles and turmoil.

I really enjoyed his feud with Taka for the light heavyweight championship and I wasnt the biggest Too Cool fan, but they were always a fun, enjoyable act. I thought he was really cool and wanted his glasses he pulled down, when he did the Hip Hop Drop. I’ve had the Too Cool theme on repeat today.