Brian Kendrick: Having another in-ring run in a company is something I strive for

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Kendrick also looks back fondly on his 205 Live days. 

After Brian Kendrick left his role as a producer for WWE, he became a free agent and was scheduled to take on Jon Moxley on AEW Dynamite. 

Before the match took place, Kendrick was taken off the show due to past comments of his that he made on-camera resurfacing. There were remarks he made about the Sandy Hook school shooting along with the Holocaust. Since then, Kendrick has been working independent dates and running his own promotion out of California titled ‘Wrestling Pro Wrestling’. 

As Kendrick was doing a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, he expressed that having another in-ring run in a company is something he strives for. 

It’s something I strive for [to have another in-ring run with a major company]. Yeah, it’s something I strive for. Whatever happens, happens but it’s something I strive for, yeah.

Back in 2016, Kendrick returned to WWE for the Cruiserweight Classic tournament. He would later become part of the 205 Live brand and eventually became Cruiserweight Champion. 

Kendrick reflected on that period of his career and he feels the 205 Live roster, top to bottom is the best he’s ever been part of. 

It was a few years of my life [WWE 205 Live]. That whole period in general. I would say top to bottom, it’s the best roster I’ve been on. 

They [Ring of Honor roster he was on for example] gotta put on a much longer show, Ring of Honor did. We didn’t have to put on that long of a show but, the third worst guy on 205 Live was really good. Yeah [I mean comparing man-to-man on the rosters], as far as that goes. The star power or anything like that but just being able to go out and you’re wrestling Noam [Dar] tonight. I’d be really excited to work Noam or Jack [Gallagher] or Tony [Nese] or Drew [Gulak] or [Akira] Tozawa or [Ari] Daivari or anybody and get — you wouldn’t be upset. 

WWE’s Cruiserweight Championship is no longer being utilized. The title was unified with the North American Title by Carmelo Hayes at New Year’s Evil. 

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