Brian Kendrick Injury Update from Raw

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Brian Kendrick suffered a broken nose and broken orbital wall at the conclusion of his match with Hideo Itami on Monday’s episode of Raw.

The injury occurred as Itami was delivering the GTS and struck Kendrick in the face.

Kendrick was taken to a hospital and they determined he had suffered a fracture on the nasal bridge and broke the orbital wall.

While the WWE website report stated that there was no timetable for his return, on 205 Live they said that Kendrick would be out for two months.

Wow. Everyone knows Itami is stiff but this does not bode well for his future on the main roster.

I would have to agree. At this point the big wigs have to be asking if Hideo is is worth the investment. It would seem he is costing more than he is returning.

Didn’t Hideo do the same to Austin Aries in NXT? He’s not very good at doing the move he created is he?

Punk broke some noses, it’s clearly a dangerous move.

Nakamura was the one that broke Aries Orbital. Stuff happens, if you don’t know how to properly take a move its probably on you. Considering Hideo has been doing that move for well over a decade and this is to my knowledge the first time he injured anyone doing it, even in his time at NOAH I’d say its more likely that Kendrick didn’t know how to take it, or he took it the same way he would take the GTS from Punk, who does the move slightly differently. Hideo GOT injured alot during his time in NXT but I don’t recall him ever hurting anyone until now.

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I don’t think his dangerous. Remembering the matches and violent GTSs from NOAH, this did not seem as stiff at all. I don’t want to say that it was Kendrick’s fault, but I think it is. Hideo has never, to my knowledge, injured anybody so s*** happens. Hopefully WWE doesn’t punish him for this.

Well he did use a different finisher last night. Hopefully that isn’t a tell tale sign of things to come. The move is not dangerous per se but there isn’t really any protection given to the one taking the move either. Either you bring your leg up too far or the person keeps their head too low. If it doesn’t look like it connects then the move looks like shit.

If we’re not wrestlers, why should we care about someone being stiff? I feel like we all lose a bit of perspective when it comes to this. Do we not mark for a fighter who brings the pain in other combat sports?

I’d rather see Scott Norton or Meng over a Chavo Guerrero tbh.

Hideo Itami being a legit bad ass would get him over more than being some good hand any day of the week if people stopped acting like we are in the business.

is this a work to push itami?


Let’s not forget that this isn’t MMA and that the point of prowrestling is to make a fight look real without it actually being real; if someone’s getting injured, it’s not being done right somewhere along the way.

That said, I doubt this was intentional by either man and this was just one of those times that one guy (or both) got the timing off and it ended badly for Kendrick. It shouldn’t result in any kind of punishment for Itami but the 'E being the kind of place it is, it probably will.

Odd thinking since most of the ardent online fans act like strong style is the best thing since sliced bread and safe guys like a Hogan or Miz of today are lame.

I certainly don’t believe it was intentional, and I am not looking at this from the aspect of “punishment” for anything. Simply from a business perspective, what has been the gain for WWE since his huge blockbuster signing? Most of his time was spent on the shelf, and now he’s already put another star in the same position.

Strong style is still prowrestling, not MMA, and thus the idea is still to not injure your opponent. It happens, sure, but it happens with any style of wrestling because accidents happen and life isn’t perfect. Anyone that can work snug and safe is going to be rated higher than someone who is safe but doesn’t hide the work as well, but for my money Hogan (racist scumbag that he is) was a hell of a worker for getting crowd reactions and Miz is a wonderful character who can have great matches when he’s working with the right opponents - but neither are guys I’d give shout outs too automatically as having excellent matches every time they get in the ring. I’ve enjoyed both men though and currently think that The Miz is being wasted by WWE in his current position.

Will WWE be paying Kendrick’s medical bills? I don’t know how that works to be honest but the last time I read anything about that kind of thing, WWE’s independent contractors (who aren’t allowed to wrestle anywhere else and are exclusive to WWE) weren’t getting medical coverage so had to foot their own bills - if that’s still the case then Kendrick being on the shelf costs them nothing and effects them not a jot because I doubt he’s selling much merch, if he even has any. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vince didn’t even notice the entire time TBK is out.

Hideo’s had some bad luck, injury wise but to drop him now seems silly based off one injury that isn’t even likely to be his fault. He’s also another guy that I doubt is on Vince’s radar at all so he’ll probably be fine… or as fine as you can be when you’re on 205 Live and no one cares about you.

No documented fatality in sanctioned MMA events…been major cases in pro wrestling…just throwing that out there.

Also Itami was the one who took out one of the Revival whose name escapes me atm.

What’s your point? MMA isn’t close to as old as prowrestling so of course there’s been less fatalities in the sport. It’s also far more regulated than prowrestling was/is so there’s so much less likelihood of it happening because, as a legitimate combat sport rather than a work, it has to be that way. It also doesn’t change the fact that the idea of prowrestling is for it to look like a fight but to not be a fight and that your argument was that this should make Itami a bigger star because he’s a legitimate badass - which assumes he did this on purpose, which would just make him an arsehole like Sexy Star.

I’m gonna say Dash Wilder is the Revival member you’re thinking of as his injury was a jaw one and that makes sense with the GTS but I don’t blame you for not being sure given that both he and Scott Dawson have seen some time off due to injury since they debuted on RAW.

It’s not just about paying medical bills. How about the fact that they are now without a talent that they at least seemed to be attempting to utilize on 205 Live. Now creative will have to spend time rewriting whatever plans they had for the immediate future.Last I read, the WWE mandated that their signed talents maintain their own medical coverage in May of 2011. WWE does pay for in-ring injuries, but the talents are required to have medical coverage for outside situations… So really, yes WWE will be shelling out some green.

Injuries happen. Should WWE fire Seth Rollins? He’s been injured for significant periods of time and injured more higher profile stars than Dash Wilder and Brian Kendrick; he put out Finn during an obviously massive push for him, he retired Sting, he broke John Cena’s nose… he might be higher profile and likely has more fans, sells more merch and draws more money in general, but he’s also caused more damage than Hideo.

A mistake was made but it was not malicious and this is a business where that kind of thing is a known risk going into every single match. Firing/suspending/punishing Itami won’t stop it from ever happening again and is totally pointless.

You pretty much made my point with that post. You are entitled to your opinion, and really the only thing that matters is what’s going through the minds of those making the decisions. I won’t even bother arguing what does and doesn’t make sense, as WWE is not known for always making sound decisions. I can see you love you some Hideo, and that’s great. He needs more fans like you willing to go to bat for him.