Brian Kendrick reflects on training Bad Bunny ahead of WWE Backlash, wanted to focus on his punches

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Kendrick said he could see the intent behind Bad Bunny’s punches. 

WWE’s Backlash Premium Live Event emanated from Puerto Rico and the show featured Grammy Award winning artist Bad Bunny in action. He defeated Damian Priest in a San Juan Street Fight

It is public knowledge that Brian Kendrick trained Bad Bunny leading up to the match. Kendrick spoke about those training sessions again while on Sportskeeda’s UnSKripted show.

He stated that Bad Bunny had already been working out in Orlando, Florida with Adam Pearce, Drew Gulak and other talents and when he came to Los Angeles for the Grammys, he trained with Kendrick.

So the way I got involved (initially) was when he had his tag match, WrestleMania in Tampa. When he was doing the Grammys out in L.A., I had access to a ring. He wanted to continue to train, he had already been training in Orlando with Drew Gulak and Adam Pearce and I know there’s some luchadors that helped him out as well. I don’t remember who but I know he’d been down there training and then I just met him when he came out for the Grammys and we clicked, at least what I thought the training should be. I think he liked what I thought the training should be and that was it. That’s how I got brought back, I think through his and Damian Priest’s assistance because we had a nice working relationship, and so far, I think he was very comfortable working with me and trusted that I would make sure he didn’t get hurt.

Kendrick added that he wanted to focus on Bad Bunny’s punches and said he could feel the intent behind them. 

Dude, I’ll tell ya, the stuff that I wanted to work on, like punches because you’re gonna be throwing punches. You’re not gonna be doing arm drags. Let’s see some punches. Man, I think he throws some pretty good punches and there’s a lot of wrestlers who can’t throw a punch. They won’t throw ‘em in a match because they can’t throw ‘em good and I think Bunny throws a punch that you can feel his intent behind it and that’s what matters. Not the precision but the intent and I think you can feel it. His timing, his camera awareness. I think he was a natural, a natural showman.

The match between Bad Bunny and Damian Priest included appearances from Savio Vega and Carlito. Both men reflected on that experience and to read their comments, click on their highlighted names.

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