Brian Myers states that he's a free agent, has a verbal agreement with IMPACT Wrestling

Originally published at Brian Myers states that he's a free agent, has verbal agreement with IMPACT Wrestling

Brian Myers shares that he’s a free agent, hoping to one day wrestle a match for AEW.

In January of 2021, Brian Myers took to social media to share the news that he signed with IMPACT Wrestling. He is still working with the company and regularly appears on their programming, but while recently on the Table Talk podcast, Myers said he is a free agent.

He added that he has a verbal agreement with IMPACT. Myers is enjoying being his own boss and feels that it is a priceless route in pro wrestling to be able to do what he wants.

I think we’re on the up and up in that sense . I think there’s just — wrestling fans are excited. I think coming out of the pandemic, they’re excited to support and go to these shows and you know, I think with AEW being so successful, I really think it’s the first time in a long time that there’s a real one and two, you know, which makes a big difference I think. So I’ve been enjoying it. I’m a straight-up free agent. I just have a verbal agreement with IMPACT and all the places I work and it’s been incredible, it’s been so much fun, you know? And literally, I’m like my boss. Like I said, that’s kind of like at the end of the day, a priceless kind of thing in pro wrestling and I can do and go where I want when I want.

Alongside Pat Buck, Myers runs the Create A Pro Wrestling Academy in New York. The school’s graduate list includes: MJF, Kris Statlander, Max Caster, Bear Bronson and ‘Smart’ Mark Sterling among others.

Those aforementioned talents are all with All Elite Wrestling. Myers said he’d like to wrestle in AEW to check it off his bucket list.

I love AEW and especially because they’ve signed a lot of my students. I’ve never missed an episode… I think I would love to have — even it was just one match there — at some point I would love to do that, bucket list thing but I’m not in any rush to do that or make that happen but, for what it’s done, AEW’s changed the business I feel like and it’s allowed my students some pretty incredible opportunities so for that, I’ll always support it and be happy for what they’ve done.

At the post-No Surrender IMPACT TV taping, Myers went one-on-one with Crazzy Steve. On the 2/17 IMPACT on AXS, Myers split away from Zicky Dice and VSK to go solo.

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