British Wrestling Experience: The Big Euro Transfer Window

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The year is 2021. Wrestling worldwide has been decimated by the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Wrestling fans around the world have rejected empty arena wrestling and viewing figures have plummeted. Every major wrestling company across the world has gone bankrupt, from WWE to AEW to NJPW.

As a result, every contracted wrestler on the planet is now a free agent.

With the recent discovery of a vaccine for COVID-19, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Travel within European countries has once again been deemed safe, but non-nationals are still banned from the US and Japan. Arena wrestling will soon once again be viable.

Four wealthy wrestling promoters have come to the fore, determined to once again make Europe the hottest territory on the planet. They are:

  1. Former pro wrestler, Martin “The Sheffield Rattlesnake” Bushby. His career ended abruptly by a gruesome knee injury, Bushby has been careful with his money over the years and invested it wisely. Swapping the wrestling ring for the booker’s chair, he hopes that his promotion BPW (Brigadier Pro Wrestling) will return British Wrestling to its former glories.
  2. Richard ”The Busman” Benson. Benson has made his fortune running overpriced wrestling bus trips for unsuspecting fans for years. He feels that his history of working with legends of the business like Gabe Sapolsky and Alex Shane will give his promotion Regress Wrestling the edge over his rivals.
  3. Andy “The Gambler” Ogden. Andy and his brother Geoff came into big money during the global Pandemic, when their knowledge of Khazakstani horse racing led to a million to one Accumulator coming good. Andy’s vision of a British Senior Heavyweight Championship will finally be realised as he promotes GCW (Graps & Claps Wrestling).
  4. Jamesie “the Mick Graps Messiah”. The cunning Irishman has infiltrated the GRAPPL Audio Network and with the help of inside man JP, organised a hostile takeover. The pair made millions using the company as a cover for an illegal Ovaltine importation racket. Jamesie hopes that his promotion IWA (Irish Wrestling Alliance) will conquer all of Europe.

Ground rules have been agreed between the four, in order to ensure a fairer distribution of talent so that the monopoly enjoyed by WWE can never happen again.

On the latest edition of the British Wrestling Experience, the European Wrestling Transfer Window will open. Live on air, the four participants will pit their wits against each other to select the best possible roster for their respective promotions.

The rules are as follows:

  • There will be twenty rounds, with one pick each per round
  • Snake rules will apply to the order of picks
  • One wrestler can be chosen – male or female – per round
  • No tag teams can be picked as a pair
  • Only wrestlers born in a European country are eligible
  • Only wrestlers who have wrestled a match in 2020 are eligible (Cagematch to be used if necessary)
  • ALL international wrestling contracts have been made null and void so ALL European wrestlers are eligible

The four participants will then come up with a PPV card to showcase their roster and they will be posted on POST Wrestling’s Twitter this Monday (5/18/20) in a vote to determine the winner!

Image Courtesy: Robert Pearson

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Soooooo… When are you john, Braden and Davey doing this with American, Canadian and Japanese guys up for grabs

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