Britt Baker announces that she has signed a new deal with AEW

Originally published at Britt Baker announces that she has signed a new deal with AEW

Britt Baker inks a new long term deal with AEW.

The reigning AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker tweeted out that she had some free agent news to announce live on Dynamite. When it came time for that segment, Tony Schiavone interviewed Britt and she announced that she signed a new long term deal with All Elite Wrestling.

Baker stood alongside Jamie Hayter and Rebel and said they will be competing in the Women’s Casino Battle. She added that if Jamie wins, she won’t challenge her because Jamie is on her side.

.@RealBrittBaker holds all the cards in her new contract negotation. She gets @jmehytr & @RebelTanea into Sunday's Casino Battle Royale & gets them a 2-on-1 handicap match against @callmekrisstat this Friday on #AEWRampage! Tune in to @tntdrama NOW to watch #AEWDynamite!

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) September 2, 2021

This Sunday at All Out, Baker is putting her AEW Women’s World Title on the line against Kris Statlander. It will be Baker’s third defense of the title as she has successfully defended against Nyla Rose and Red Velvet thus far.

Fellow AEW employee Bryce Remsburg recently announced that he signed a new contract with AEW as well.

I have to wonder if this is a sign that Cole is coming in. You have to think that once travel goes back to how it was that a couple would want to be on the road together. Maybe a condition of Cole’s was that Baker was signed long term, not that they wouldnt want her, shes great.

I mean maybe but I don’t think AEW travel was ever as big a deal as it would be for WWE. Without the house show circuit. Otherwise Baker never would have been able to keep up her dental practice. It might have to do with Cole or it might have to do with her being one of their biggest stars right now and the biggest female star by a ton.

September’s shower should bring April flowers

Edit: apparently missed the news that she’s not returning. Bummer. Her and Britt Baker have had awesome teases online

Right now agreed, but the reports indicate it’s a long term deal. Eventually AEW is going to have busier travel if they keep growing. Not saying it’s definitively because of that, but I believe if we are looking at a scale to see which way Cole goes, this tips it to the AEW side.

Her being a big star and an amazing performer is obviously why AEW wanted her, but from her end if anything that open up her options. Or did you interpret my post as me saying that AEW wanted her because they got Cole? If you did, that was not in any way shape or form my implication.

I wouldnt exactly trust what Punk says 100%. He’s known to troll the fans.

They won’t have busy travel compared to WWE though. If they are doing dark at a fixed location and everything but PPVs generally taped on Wednesday it isn’t a killer travel schedule, especially if you don’t appear every week.

As to her being a star, because of the dentist thing I don’t see her in WWE ever because she would be unable to do both given their travel schedules.

Ok, so you think they don’t ever decide to do house show circuits like the WWE. If thats the case, I see your point. With their increase in popularity, my gut tells me that they will at some point. Time will tell.

You’re probably not wrong about the WWE part.

I don’t think they will. They don’t have as much “full time” talent. Part of keeping their talent costs down was letting them earn money elsewhere. If they do move to a house show model it is also possible that it will be voluntary to participate at those shows. I think one of the big draws for their performers is not working a schedule like WWE. Especially given that in recent years those shows I don’t think are big earners anyway. Why risk your talent getting hurt off screen?

At the end of the day it comes down to money. House shows make money when they draw, thats why I am talking down the road. I dont believe for a second that if AEW wont run house shows if they think there is an untapped revenue stream there. Not today, but some day.

What exactly do you mean by this?

Part of the initial AEW independent contractor model was having talent that worked in other promotions or at other jobs to supplement the money they earned from AEW. If I recall most performers were not “full time” unless they had a back stage role at AEW. They were giving performers flexibility in their positions rather than locking them down to working all the time.

As to house shows drawing money if I recall for WWE weren’t house shows starting to lose money? So why would AEW go into that model when it wasn’t being very profitable.

Not only that but letting performers work indies allows them to develop under less eyes and on someone else’s dime.

WWE still operates like it’s 1988 and is so inefficient in a lot of ways, but that’s what happens when a 76-year-old insane person runs the company.

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WWE house shows weren’t profitable because they weren’t selling out. You sell out a house show, you will make money.

I just want to make sure I completely understand what you are saying, so you mean they are letting their performers wrestle for other promotions? Or are you talking about autograph signings, third party deals etc.?

They let performers wrestle elsewhere, also do signings, sell shirts etc, and also have real shoot jobs outside the company (Jericho can do his Music, Baker has a dental practice). Hard to do that if you are on the road all the time. As for house shows, I’m not sure they make tons of money even if you do sell out because you need to pay the performers etc. I also don’t think you long term would sell out enough to make it worth while. Right now AEW live shows are an event, house shows diminish that. Also right now all AEW matches are cannon, something else hard to do with house shows.

I don’t think their talent want to have to do a house show tour. So I don’t see it happening. If it does maybe dark will tour but that would be more expensive with less upside.unless their top talent (Mox, Jericho, Punk, The elite etc) want to do those shows they won’t routinely sell out if what you get is the Hardy Family office and the Factory.


I am sure in the future we will see some limited non-broadcast (but still filmed) events. However, I’m guessing these would be limited to international tours, or occasional special weekends.

Younger talent can work indies, and will be able to do the Dark tapings at Universal. More experienced talent will likely be able to choose to do select indies / international dates, if they choose - and keep AEW TV as priority. Plus, I’m sure from time to time, bigger names will also appear at the Dark tapings.


Hey…sorry for the late late reply, I forgot to get back to be honest.

Thats what I thought you meant, and before I made a point I wanted to be sure.

Ill agree with some of what you said, however I do see flawed logic in one particular part. Earlier you said:

I have a very hard time seeing Tony Khan being against his wrestlers doing house shows for the reason that they may get hurt, but at the same time being 100% ok with them working other promotions. Don’t get me wrong, working other promotions especially for the younger guys is great for their development. I think that getting to experience different cultures and different audiences will only make a young guy a better performer. Nothing in my comments to insinuate that wrestling for other promotions is a bad thing.

With that said, I can easily see Khan being ok with them doing outside ventures AND house shows
I can see him being not OK with talent doing outside ventures AND house shows.
I can see him being OK with house shows and leary with outside ventures.
I can’t see him thinking its not worth the risk to do his own house shows, but having no problem with them doing outside ventures. If a profit is able to be made, I have to imagine he’ll take it.

The Khans are pretty damn good business people, they are ultimately going to do something if it makes them money. Now, as for the question of can AEW make money doing house shows, I agree in thats debatable.

I missed this over the weekend but more confirmation that Cole is out of there. It was only a matter of time before the whole Twitch thing would bite WWE in the ass.

And on the house show talk, they don’t make money and haven’t for a number of years. The travel, low attendance and building rental costs are high. House shows are used to get guys more time in the ring in front of fans, that’s it. They’ve been operating at a loss for a while.

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I think there is a difference between letting your talent work elsewhere and expecting them to work house shows. If you are running the shows trying to draw there is pressure to work your big names at those shows. Whereas allowing your talent to work other promotions doesn’t come with that pressure. You can ask guys who are set to be in PPV matches to not work other places in the lead up, the house show presents a conflict of interest internally for this because not running them out there can cost you money.

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Again, I’m not arguing that house shows will or will not make money. When they draw they do, when they dont draw they don’t. My main point in my last post was that I can’t see AEW being nervous to have their guys wrestle house shows due to injury risk when they have zero issues with these guys wrestling in other promotions. Either way, my original point was that with Baker signing long term, I had a feeling Cole was coming in, and after tonight that obviously was the case. I dont even remember how we got into house shows.