Britt Baker speaks about absence from AEW TV, praises Julia Hart's growth

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She last wrestled in September. 

It is coming up on four months since Britt Baker last wrestled on AEW television. Her most recent match was a TBS Title bout against Kris Statlander on the September 16th Collision

While speaking to D.S. Shin of Ring The Bell, Baker addressed her absence. She added that it’s just a matter of figuring out where she fits into the current product. Baker said she’d like to go after both the AEW Women’s World and TBS Championships. 

So I think with our very passionate fans, they’re very vocal with what they want, what they don’t want, what they like, what they don’t like and we listen, I listen. So if they are telling me they want more or less of something then okay, I hear you loud and clear and a lot of them said, ‘We want less Britt Baker.’ So, if that’s what they want, okay. That’s what they’ll get. Let me take a step back, here’s the rest of the women. Someone else take the ball and run with it and make the women’s division about you and you be the face of the women’s division and when no one else can do that, I’ll be there to pick up the pieces and do it all over again. 

AEW, right now, it’s a new vibe, a new era to it and it’s just kind of figuring out when and how I fit into that and taking over the women’s division all over again. It takes patience… I want both (the AEW Women’s & TBS Titles). Yeah, at the same time. Double champ. 

The reigning TBS Champion is Julia Hart. Baker was Hart’s third match in AEW. Britt spoke highly of the House of Black member and praised her growth. She dove into the character transformation that Hart underwent. 

I think especially Julia Hart, I would pick her as my favorite, my rookie of the year I guess, just because it’s a hard task, that character jump that she went from. When I wrestled her, I might have been her first, one of her first if not her first matches on AEW. It was a Dynamite match and I think it was maybe 30 seconds, maybe. She was the cheerleader. Yeah, it’s so weird, right? And now look at this character that she is now and it takes a lot to really go all in on that because if people don’t believe you believe what you’re doing, you’re not selling that to anybody. But she’s all in on it and her in-ring has gotten so much better but it’s the character. That’s what’s gonna win the people over more because you want them to care about your matches before you have the match and if you can get that, cross that bridge, that’s half the battle.

Hart successfully defended her championship for a third time at the Worlds End pay-per-view against Abadon

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