Brock Lesnar: Staying or Going

  • Brock Lesnar signs a new WWE contract before his current contract expires
  • Brock’s current contract expires, and he signs and/or appears somewhere else (UFC, NJPW, etc.)
  • Brock’s current contract expires, but he re-signs with WWE before signing or appearing somewhere else

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Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract expires after Wrestlemania (I don’t know if it’s IMMEDIATELY after, but pretty much, best I could find). What do you think his next career move will be?

I will be honest and say I couldn’t really cared if he stayed, I don’t think he’s adding much these day but in the big picture I don’t see UFC touching him after his last event lead to a suspension and don’t see him working elsewhere just for fun. No way New Japan could afford his price.

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I think he re-signs by way of either of the two scenarios above… currently leaning toward a hiatus from WWE but re-signing before signing elsewhere. It’s hard to imagine him finding a better combination of money, schedule and physical wear-and-tear than WWE (assuming a deal similar to his current one).

However, my wife (who doesn’t follow wrestling but watches in the sense that we live together in a small apartment) pointed out last night when I was speeding through Raw on our DVR that Brock didn’t look as built as he used to. Maybe he’s changing his “diet” for some reason?

I’ve noticed the same thing. He especially looks as though he’s been skipping leg day.

I feel if he wanted to be elsewhere he would be. I’m sure he’ll stay.

I’d say let him do both, he can do Summerslam and Mania schedule with house show loops and appear every episode of Raw and do fight camps for possibly 2 fights a year in between those.

I doubt WME-IMG give two fucks about what USADA says about it.

I can see him using interest from UFC (which is definitely going to be there) to gouge WWE for more money for less dates. He embarrassed both companies with the USADA violation but he continues to move the needle - however minimally - for them so he still holds all the cards.

If he wants to fight again, he will, but I think it’s a safer bet that he’ll re-negotiate with WWE and be around for a few more years yet.

Personally I couldn’t give a shit. I find him lazy and dull for the most part and have enjoyed very little about him for a while now. I get his appeal to casuals but why he still has fans among the hardcore I don’t know.

Doubt WWE were embarrassed by the USADA viilatiin…they said it wasn’t under their rules and promptly promoted him for their mainevent.

Couldn’t care less about this guy. Doesn’t wrestle on TV. Can never lose. Held up the belt for a year because Vince is scared to have him put anyone over.

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They didn’t really have much choice though, they’d already promoted him in the main event for SummerSlam.

I mean, sure they didn’t have to put the title on him but that didn’t happen until several months later and it was felt a lot like it was because it fit the Goldberg feud and their future plans for Reigns more than anything else.

I’d call it embarrassing for WWE purely from the perspective of how it exposed the Wellness policy they have.

When he put people over…everyone complained about it. :confused:

Shouldn’t even need a wellness policy…as I’ve been told how many times in the past two days…IT’S NOT A SPORT :roll_eyes:

I’m genuinely drawing a blank… who has Brock put over?

Whether or not it’s necessary is a debate I’m willing to have but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s there and that Brock proved it to be toothless by failing a drug test elsewhere but being cleared to work for the WWE; who have always been so proud of the Wellness Policy since the Guerrero and Benoit incidents necessitated it.

Cena, Triple H, Taker…but I guess it should’ve been someone younger on the roster. …oh wait…Roman Reigns :rofl:

Wellness policy also took out Reigns and Paige during the same time. …and even worse started Eva Marie’s downfall where she never got to debut and fix the smackdown women’s division :cry:

Did he put over Reigns? I mean, he’s definitely going too this year, but I have no memory of him putting him over previously.

As for the other’s, it’s splitting hairs, but yeah, I’d say they “went over” more than Brock “put them over” due to the guys involved already having solidified roles on the card, but I was being totally sincere, I’d genuinely forgotten that Brock had lost since his return in any singles matches; I’ve blocked the Triple H and Undertaker feuds from memory for being long, boring nonsense and I’m still drawing a blank as to when Cena beat him other than that first match back - and that was absolutely presented as a total fluke where Cena was utterly destroyed and got lucky enough to deck Brock with a chain and knock him loopy long enough to pin him. No one came out of that one looking good for me.

I’m saying people were bitching left and right and threatening to stop watching because “it was so obvious Reigns is winning”.

But let’s blame it all on it not being Daniel Bryan…because that would’ve been a better option in hindsight.

Yea he put over cena and taker but he also killed cena at SummerSlam. And ended the streak for taker.

So they returned the favour?

Damn that 50/50 booking :rofl:

If he left I wouldn’t even notice.

I don’t see the attraction of a guy bouncing up and down occasionally every two months and doing nothing but German Suplexes and that’s it.

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Brock Lesner - All In! :joy:

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