Brock Lesnar watched 2022 WWE men's Elimination Chamber with Austin Theory, gave him advice & critiques

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After the match, Lesnar and Theory watched it back together. 

There’s a feature story on ESPN’s website about the current WWE United States Champion Austin Theory. Among those interviewed for the piece were Theory himself, Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque, Bobby Lashley and The Undertaker. 

It is mentioned in the article that in 2022, after Brock Lesnar gave Theory an ‘F5’ off an Elimination Chamber pod, there was a teachable moment after the match. Theory revealed that he and Lesnar watched the bout back and Lesnar gave him advice and critiques. 

Theory: That was something cool, Brock giving me the opportunity to watch the match back with him, giving me advice and critiques, somebody that’s just had the success he does. It’s like, wow, [he’s] taking the time out of his day, and he’s not gonna waste his time.

The Undertaker, who returned to WWE TV at Raw 30, chimed in on Theory’s potential. He described him as a ‘natural heat-getter’, but feels he has to develop a mean streak to take that next step in his career. 

Undertaker: Theory is gonna be one of those [top] guys. He’s a natural heat-getter, but he’s gotta develop a mean streak. Once he does that, once he develops a good mean streak, then he’s gonna be a real, real viable heel.

Closing out Raw 30 was the return of Brock Lesnar who took out both Theory and Lashley in their United States Title match. Lesnar assisted Theory in retaining.