Brodie Lee: WWE offered 'Ungodly' money to stay, explains why he left

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Brodie Lee was a guest on Friday’s edition of Talk is Jericho with Chris Jericho. The 40-year old recently joined All Elite Wrestling and this was his first interview discussing his mounting frustration in WWE, the decision to leave the company, and WWE’s attempt to retain the performer.

POST Wrestling’s Andrew Thompson listened to the entire interview with Brodie Lee and has the following notes:

-During the period that he was sitting at home, Brodie Lee tried multiple times to pitch ideas/storylines to Vince McMahon and Vince would tell him that he would “read the ideas on his jet” and Chris Jericho said he’s heard that plenty of times so apparently that’s code for Vince isn’t gonna listen

-WWE was trying to renegotiate with Brodie all the way up until he was released in December. He said his conversations with Vince were very limited up until he decided to ask for his release. Once he did that, Vince called him twice and they had 20-minute convos where Vince was open to hearing him out — asked him if he wanted a push, more money, etc. At this point, Brodie was just ready to leave

-Lee for sure wants to go to New Japan

-Daniel Bryan was the one who called Brodie about returning at Clash Of Champions to work with him, Rowan and Roman Reigns

-Triple H told Brodie that he could possibly get him into New Japan. They also discussed a move to NXT. Lee just believes that WWE didn’t believe in him because if they did, what would be so difficult about moving him to NXT

-Mark Carrano called Brodie Lee and told him that he should take down his “release request” post and that would maybe change Vince McMahon’s mind about using him. Vince straight up told Lee that he had nothing for him. Brodie even asked to just do house shows and he was willing to put over anybody. He just wanted to wrestle

-WWE offered him “ungodly” money. Brodie said he almost resigned because of the amount. He said WWE is focused on just keeping everybody. One of the reasons he almost re-signed is because of the money he’d be bringing in for his family. His wife was the one that stepped in and told him to leave because she knew he’d be miserable

-Tony Khan told Lee that he didn’t have to debut on that empty arena Dynamite if he didn’t want to. Lee said he just went along with it because he doesn’t know the next time that AEW would be back in front of a crowd. Also, he, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson are actually good friends

-Someone in WWE showed Rowan and Brodie a picture of “Demolition” and told them that’s what Vince McMahon wanted them to be.

-Recalled a time where he sat outside Vince’s office for three hours waiting to pitch something and when he finally got in there, Vince said he didn’t want to see anybody. There is also a thing that Jericho spoke about as well — do not try to talk to Vince McMahon while he’s eating. Lee said he went to go talk to Vince while he was eating a salad and all Vince kept talking about was the dressing on the salad

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How did Triple H have this magical connection to New Japan, the 2nd time Lee mentioned it you could even hear Jericho get frustrated

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Is it really that hard to get in touch with New Japan dude?

I’m thinking the WWE checkbook is all Hunter would need.

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Dude, read the stories of Hunter trying to get NXT Japan going, and how it took so long. Read how WWE dictates relationships pulling talent at the last second if they don’t want them doing jobs to certain talent. OK DUDE

And? What does that have to do with Triple H possibly reaching out to New Japan DUDE?

Ah nothing. New Japan has done deals with many rivals. As long as it made them money. Including WWE. Know your history dude.

Its common sense DUDE . If one of the top Personnel from the Number One Wrestling Promotion in World wants to speak to you about business. Its a pretty good chance you might take that meeting.



You forgot to call him dude there in the end.

It sounds like HHH is at least trying to come up with things that the performers that want to leave would actually like to do. Offering Harper a main event level run in NXT is something he may at least have had some control over. Trips also may be trying to work with New Japan, whether it happens or not he may have thought Luke aka Brodie would have liked to do something fun there, so why wouldn’t he mention it? Vince is the reason all these dudes are leaving, not Hunter.

I can’t see WWE and NJPW working together anytime in the near future. Especially with them trying to set up a NXT Japan, it is a massive conflict of interest.

I was dude out lol

There is absolutely, positively no possible way WWE and New Japan are doing any deals.

The idea that HHH might be able to get anyone into NJPW is absolutely 11/10 laughable.


But… But… Look at the long history of WWE and NJPW sharing talent?!

Sure hope him doing Vince McMahon cosplay isn’t what he always wanted to do.

I didn’t take it that way, I didn’t think of it as some kind of partnership when Lee said that on the podcast. It sounded more like Lee would leave WWE and HHH would see if he could get him into njpw. There’s a couple guys in wwe’s system(trainers, wrestlers, etc) with connections to njpw. I dont see why that would be impossible to help the guy out if he’s leaving anyways. Unless I am mistaken.


Yeah I’m sure you have the NJPW connections to prove that :smirk:.

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My point exactly. But of course the WWE haters have to throw a tantrum about it lol.

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The entire premise was to have him stay in the WWE. That’s why they offered him an ungodly amount of money. That was the conversation “what would it take for you to stay”

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Ungodly amount of money…if that’s only six figures…lol country bumpkin

Almost Like every AEW Contract allows guys to do NJPW since The EVPS, Mox, Jericho, Hardy, Brodie and presumably everybody else has the ability to do NJPW