Brody King discusses House of Black's return to AEW, thought hiatus would take momentum away

Originally published at Brody King discusses House of Black's return to AEW, thought hiatus would take momentum away

House of Black is back in AEW and Brody King was not keen on their break. 

In late November, the group known as House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, Julia Hart & Buddy Matthews) made their return to All Elite Wrestling after being away as a complete unit since September. 

Malakai addressed his status with AEW on several occasions in lengthy form and Buddy Matthews stated that he would be taking some time off as well. 

Renée Paquette welcomed Brody King onto The Sessions podcast. Brody expressed that he was not keen on the break because of the momentum that had been built up. Speaking about their return, he described it as ‘awesome’ and felt like they did not miss a beat. 

I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to take a break [House of Black’s absence from AEW] because I felt like I had a lot of momentum at the time but not just that. I felt like I was really getting in my groove in AEW and really showing who Brody King, the professional wrestler was. I got to wrestle Darby [Allin] twice, I got to wrestle Jon [Moxley] and it’s like, I feel like those three matches really put me on the map where people were just like, ‘He’s Malakai’s sidekick’ to, ‘Oh sh*t. He’s a threat’ and those are the moments that I was waiting for. It was never me questioning if I could do it. It’s when I could do it and I feel like it all came about at the right time and I was worried about it taking the momentum away but we made this return and it was awesome and the whole crowd was standing on their feet. I feel like it was almost like we didn’t miss a step and I feel like that’s really rare in wrestling because fans are so, I don’t wanna say ‘fickle’ but they forget about you quickly. For them to give us that reception was awesome.

Julia Hart is the newest addition to House of Black in comparison to her groupmates. Brody talked about Julia’s addition to the group and the friendship they’ve been able to form. 

He reiterated a past story that Julia told about him and his wife taking her to get clothes so that she could match the presentation of House of Black. He shared that his friend, musician Colin Young, created Julia’s theme along with the new House of Black theme. 

I would say right now, we [House of Black] are very much kind of a hive mind. We all kind of want the same thing and kind of know the trajectory that we wanna go in. Bringing in Julia [Hart] was interesting because obviously, on the outside, a 19-year-old cheerleader makes no sense to be with us but then she joins the group and she fits in perfectly. 

Even when it came down to making her music, my best friend Colin [Young], he plays drums and writes all the music in God’s Hate. Him and his brother have a million bands but they’re very well respected and known in the hardcore scene. Their band ‘Deadbody’ actually wrote the new House of Black theme, he wrote Julia Hart’s new theme, he wrote the song that ‘evil’ Danhausen came out to so it’s like, he’s a massive wrestling fan too so he didn’t make it to be a wrestler, but to have his influence in wrestling now is really cool for him. But when he was making Julia’s music, he was just like, ‘What do you want it to sound like?’ And Julia just goes, ‘Well, I like 90s Snails and Marilyn Manson.’ I feel everyone just kind of turned and went, ‘What?’… It’s like, wait, there’s more here than we think. I think it was before All Out — so she came in at Double or Nothing — so before All Out, me and my wife took her to the mall to find something for her entrance gear. We’ve become like her wrestling parents but she found this black dress and she just picked up the hat and then she’s like, ‘I really like this hat’ and she put it on and we’re just like, ‘Yeah, that’s it.’ Now people are calling her ‘tiny Taker’ or whatever but, she has this Stevie Nicks vibe. 

She was this bubbly, sweet cheerleader and now she just has the most resting b*tch face on earth. 

Following the main event of the December 2nd Rampage, House of Black took out everyone in the vicinity as the show went off the air. 

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