Bruce Mitchell from PWTorch about the circumstances of Brodie Lee's passing


And he also said this crap. He has major issues

Wow! I was not expecting him to get fired.

30 years thrown out the window.

I wonder if its a Don Cherry situation. Meaning, Keller had pressure put on him by someone, asked Mitchell to apologize publicly, Mitchell refused and left Keller with no choice because it would have impacted the business in a serious way.

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It wasn’t a good article but I think firing him was a bit much to be honest. We need to get to a place where we can just say someone did something dumb without needing them to be completely written off.

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences.

Everybody should have known better than to let that article go up.

A real piece of shit to accuse a widow and the company her husband worked for joining together to cover up his death.

Absolutely tasteless, and he is lucky he isn’t being sued for libel for those accusations.


Accusing a grieving window of covering up her husbands death two days after he passed away with absolutely zero evidence is a pretty gutless thing to do. Its one thing if he had sources telling him there was a coverup, but what he did was 100% speculate at a horrible time to do so.

If Keller gave him a chance to apologize and he refused, and Keller was getting a lot of pressure from people within the industry which I have to imagine he was, I cant blame him. Not worth jeopardizing your business that you worked so hard for just because someone refuses to take responsibility. Now if Mitchell came out and publicly apologized and Keller still fired him, then I can see the perspective of going to far.


100% agree, to go there you need some type of proof. You just can’t speculate that sort of thing.

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All he had to do was apologize for all of this but he doubled down. I’m sure Keller realized the damage keeping someone like Mitchell on board would do - no talent would want to be associated with a site employing Mitchell anytime soon.

I think he had no choice but to let him go, absolute right call in this situation


Written by Amanda Huber.

Fuck Bruce Mitchell.


I went through a very similar series events myself a few weeks ago, so my heart goes out to her. Last thing I would want is some writer posting a conspiracy theory when I’m at my most vulnerable.


While it’s never nice to see someone lose their job I would have to think this would have upset many talent not just in AEW but WWE as well. If they wanted to keep bringing talent on their shows maybe they felt they had to act.

I hope he reflects on this and reaches out to the family. After reading her most recent post it’s clear he’s made a terrible situation even worse for them. With that, hopefully there is a pathway for him to work his way back as well


When you’ve dug yourself into a pile of shit, the logical thing to do is to dug yourself out, not keep digging in.

As much as I hated the piece, I really do hope the guy stays of twitter, people can be cruel.

As I said in my first post in this thread, I think the way he wrote the article, especially the way he ended it, was disgusting. I do think he was trying to go the “covid needs to be more seriously handled in wrestling” angle rather than the “his family and AEW need to be held accountable” angle. He just wrote the article in the dumbest way possible and he probably still doesn’t realise why.

Maybe I’m giving him too much credit by suggesting he’s an ignoramus rather than saying he’s just extremely vile. I’ve not read any of his other articles so don’t know what his usual reporting style is.

I can’t claim to be an expert on Bruce Mitchell’s contributions to wrestling, but I do know he’s the reason I stopped listening to the PWTorch podcast. Just telling long, rambling stories that go nowhere. Definitely fits the “old man who should get out of the game” motif he seems to be cultivating this week



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We also don’t know if there were other factors in the firing.

Maybe he had pulled one too many boners and this was coming. Who knows…


It was a garbage article, from a garbage journalist that works/used to work for a site that has history for garbage.

Looks like the idiot has finally cone to his senses.