Bruce Prichard provides update after undergoing shoulder surgery, starts rehab on the 26th

Originally published at Bruce Prichard provides update after undergoing shoulder surgery, starts rehab on the 26th

Prichard’s second shoulder surgery. 

On the latest episode of Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson’s Something to Wrestle podcast, Prichard revealed that he underwent shoulder surgery. The WWE executive stated that he feels like ‘dog sh*t’. 

This go-around was Prichard’s second shoulder surgery and he shared that right after the first operation, he was back in meetings and kept moving forward. He did not have the pain that people told him would come with shoulder surgery. The recent operation has him in a great deal of pain.

Shoulder hurts… I feel like dog sh*t. I feel like dog sh*t that has been warmed up, unnaturally. Not in like a microwave… Like one that came out pretty mushy but still formed. 

I got this hose. I was trying to explain this and then I said I’ll do it — so I’m wearing my ice machine… I am like Mr. Freeze right now, because see, this here hose right here, this blue hose… connects to (the apparatus on my shoulder) down there and then through these tubular tubes, they put icy coldness on my shoulder, all over my shoulder so it has to make sure that I keep it iced at all times because I had major surgery that f*cked up my thing. 

Last time I had a shoulder surgery, it was like I was in, I was out and that day, I was in a meeting, the next day I was in a meeting and I f*cking went and I never, ever had the pain like people talk about with shoulder surgery. Everybody told me, ‘Oh, this will be the worst thing you ever do,’ and so this time, I was expecting it to be like last time which I had no pain, like zero pain. This one is like the one where they tell you, ‘Oh yeah, man, this sucks.’ Out of all them surgeries that you wanna get, this is why this one is at the bottom of the f*cking list and you gotta wear this thing all the time and you gotta keep it full of cold ice, okay? Then you have to sleep in an upright position. 

Prichard went on to add that he’ll begin rehab on the 26th. 

My rehab starts on the 26th. I’m looking forward to that because doing it sooner is better than waiting…

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