Bruce Prichard returning to the WWE, update on STW live shows

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Bruce Prichard is returning to World Wrestling Entertainment in a prominent role, according to a report from Mike Johnson at

In Johnson’s report, he states that Prichard is coming back for a top role within the creative team and is set to be on the road in Atlanta for this Monday’s Raw. PWinsider adds that the position Prichard will hold will be significant as he will work directly with Vince McMahon regarding creative.

Prichard had previous stints with the organization dating to 1987. He was let go in 1991 and returned the following year. He was remembered for his portrayal of Brother Love on television but his chief function in later years was as a behind-the-scenes producer. He was let go in 2008 and would take a position with TNA in 2010 and worked there until 2013.

The renaissance of Prichard within the industry began in August 2016 with the launch of the “Something to Wrestle” podcast with co-host Conrad Thompson. The two grew their show into one of the most popular shows in the genre that extended to live touring and a video version of the show on the WWE Network titled “Something Else to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard”. In recent weeks, Thompson had stated in several interviews that he believed a second season of the show would be coming to the WWE Network.

Prichard reprised his role as Brother Love on the 25th Anniversary of Raw episode in January 2018 and received one of the biggest reactions of the night among the names on the show for a backstage segment.

Prichard and Thompson are scheduled to be performing live shows throughout March and April, including three shows in Australia and over WrestleMania weekend. POST Wrestling inquired about the upcoming live shows and was told by Thompson, “Nothing is canceled.”

Something to Wrestle was one of my favorite podcasts to listen to on the train heading to school every morning. It would be so unfortunate if it’s not going to continue. Especially since Conrad looks to possibly have a presence in All Elite Wrestling.

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I has finished listening to the undertaker episode and then I read that piece of news. Surprising to say the least.

I dont see how the podcast can go on. If Bruce is really going back to being Vinces right hand man, hes not going to have much time to do anything else. I also dont see Vince letting him continue to do the podcast, especially if Conrad continues to do things with AEW. I do hope that Bruce gave enough warning to Conrad that this might be happening and wasnt something that caught Conrad by surprise. Conrad is the person who gave Bruce a second career and kept his name out there. I hope Bruce did the right thing in letting Conrad know ahead of time


I know that conrad and Bruce want to continue the podcast and keep those booked shows but i really doubt that Bruce will have time to do any of those thing if he’s vince right hand guy again, Unless it’s not a full time job and vince let’s him do these thing on his personal time.

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Damn, STW definitely changed the game in wrestling podcasting. Listening to it was part of my weekly routine, and Fridays are going to be weird without it. I agree with everyone else here in that going through with the podcast on a weekly basis would be extremely unlikely if Bruce is indeed Vince’s right hand man.

Plus, it would greatly affect the quality of the show. Bruce is already a WWE apologist and would likely be even more so if the show continued. I wonder how the people on the $99 and $149 monthly tiers of the show’s Patreon feel.

This frees up Conrad a bit. Sure, he has Starrcast II to promote for the next few months but I could see him adding another podcast to his arsenal. The Tony Schiavone podcast has a charm to it, but its turned into more of a comedy and variety show. 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff is OK, but the show already feels played out. They’ve started to cover PPV’s almost every week, and a lot of the topics they go into overlap. There’s only so much I can hear about Gary Jester, Bill Busch, and the internal politics of WCW in the late '90s. STW was his bread and butter, top podcast, and will be extremely hard to replace.

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I love WHW. Thats actually my favorite out of the 3. 83 weeks is ok but the constant “lets take a timeout to plug something” can get annoying. I can see him adding another podcast, but with who? I think someone like Al Snow would ge really entertaning! Id like someone who had some experience in WCW,WWE,and ECW

Paul Heyman would be awesome!!! But with him still being under contract with WWE, i dont see that happening

I would love a Conrad Thompson tna podcast the 2 tna episodes they did on something to wrestle are still some of my favourites. i suppose the best person would be Jeff Jarrett to do a show with but I would love to hear Conrad tear a strip of Dixie Carter.

As a person who listens to podcasts mostly while driving, I had to quit on Bruce because of the obnoxious ad breaks and repetitive impressions that I couldn’t stand. But clearly I’m in the minority there, so more power to him.

If Bruce had to be replaced, the next best person is Brian Gewirtz, former head writer from the end of the 90’s to 2015.

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I think he works for the Rock now, doesnt he?

He does. I don’t know how much time that’s taking him.

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I don’t listen to any of Conrads shows, which is odd, because I like him a lot more than Matt Koon and I listen to a couple shows with Koon. I’d definitely like to hear a show with Conrad and Arn though.

Dont get me wrong, I was a huge fan of Arn. Still am. Probably one of the most underrated talents thats ever been in the business but Arn was never known as a talker. Ric usually did all the talking for them. He was known for what he did in the ring so i dont know how interesting of a podcast that would be. Jake the Snake Roberts would be really really good!

Arn was an incredible promo when called upon. Though I don’t think I’ve ever heard him speak out of character (unless WWE produced DVDs count as “out of character).

True, i dont know. It might work. I dont want someone who is trying to angle for a job with WWE. I want someone who would tell it like it is, whether good or bad. I love Bruces show but i always felt there were times when he would say things on his show that was him just trying to get his job back with WWE. Thus the running joke on the show that Bruce would always kiss HHH’s ass

And Arn doesnt seem like he would be that person that would kiss ass just to get his job back

Its kind of weird that Conrad hasnt commented on it yet

This feels like a move to keep Pritchard from future involvement with AEW. He admittedly doesn’t watch weekly WWE. And he’s the creative savior they hire?
If Meltzer is to be believed, Vince sees Starrcast as a AEW partner. Can’t imagine he wants Pritchard and his popular podcast host doing Starrcast events. I wonder who else will mysteriously return now that Vince is agitated.