Bryan Danielson / Daniel Bryan's contract has expired...

I am not gonna speculate on what his current offers are, or pretend to know what negotiations with WWE are like; but it seems like being in the main event of wrestlemania means there’s a good chance you’ll be unemployed in a few weeks

Until it actually happens, I generally think this Global Localization plan actually being enacted in Japan and Mexico is a nice fantasy because of the ideological differences that I don’t see meeting in the middle unless WWE couples with an existing product there. But lets say it’s still in place - how does Bryan Danielson wrestling a couple of dates in Mexico really do anything to stop that? If anything, you’re sending a !happy! WWE employee to Mexico who can act as a go-between for when the day comes that they do want to expand and help a soft landing occur. And I’m guessing those days are going to be closer to the end of this next deal than the beginning.

Ultimately, whether or not this happens probably has nothing to do with their expansion and probably everything to do with however Vince McMahon’s openness and need for Bryan Danielson is in this exact moment. I don’t think he’s thinking that far and I’d argue those are nice things to have, but not nearly as important as keeping your main American brands strong.

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