Bryan Danielson: "Yeah, I'm a part of the (AEW) disciplinary committee"

Originally published at Danielson: "Yeah, I'm a part of the (AEW) disciplinary committee"

Bryan Danielson confirmed that he was part of AEW’s disciplinary committee, which recommended that the company cease ties with CM Punk.

Fightful Select reported earlier this week was Danielson was part of the committee which came after Danielson had posted a cryptic statement following CM Punk’s return to AEW.

My dad always told me, “The right thing is often the hardest thing to do.”
It won’t always make the most money.
It won’t always be the most popular.
But it’s still the right thing.#AEW ❤️

— Bryan Danielson (@bryandanielson) November 27, 2023

Danielson was a guest on Maggie & Perloff and was asked if the report was true:

Yeah, I’m a part of the disciplinary committee. Clearly, what happened has happened. I’m somebody who, I like CM Punk, I think he brought a lot to AEW while he was there. There is not a lot I can say about it, or that I want to say about it about. I am part of it. It’s really funny, you know how the internet is. Some people say I was the head of the disciplinary committee. There were more than three people involved in this decision, but most of them were all lawyers. To say that I was the head, I don’t even have a college degree [laughs]. I’m not in there bossing people around. I am part of the disciplinary committee. (Transcribed by Jeremy Lambert at Fightful)

Danielson went on to state he wished Punk well in his return to WWE.

I feel like this only is controversial if Danielson himself ever runs afoul and is due discipline himself. Unlikely given his makeup and the amount of time he says he has left as a fulltimer.

Johnny Ace went straight from the final years of his in-ring career to enforcing fines in late-era WCW. He didn’t have nearly the same backstage respect as Danielson, but he parlayed that into his office career.

I’d say it runs in the family but Lauranitis goofed that up.