BTWA #8: The Rise & Fall of ECW (2004) w/ John Lister

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Martin Bushby & Andrew Thompson are back with another round of Wrestling Adventure. This month, they are joined by wrestling historian and author John Lister to look back at the documentary, The Rise & Fall of ECW from 2004.

They discuss the start of the company, their most famous matches and angles, their decline and why they went out of business, what the documentary didn’t include, and their memories of the One Night Stand event.

John also discusses his trips to Philadelphia to watch the promotion in the late 90s, what the arena was like and his book, Turning The Tables.

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There is a 2nd documentary called Forever Hardcore.

It has all the ECW stars that weren’t on this Documentary.

I believe it was done in association with the Shane Douglas ECW Reunion show.

I also believe that it covers the controversial angles in more detail.

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