Bulletclub All In

So just saw the video. September 1st All In. Sears Center. I am All In. Definitely going. In my home town Chicago.


Jealous but will consider it based on the tickets and card; also curious of it’ll stream since I am in NYC, but super excited for them and to see how it does. Feels like Cody is carrying the family legacy darn well

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Good luck to them, they’ve got time to fill it and hopefully when they will sell it out. This is a big gamble and would love to see them succeed.

This is something they can pull off. Really crazy, but this is going such a fun show to see. Hoping to get tickets

Living in the Toronto area, it is like 7ish hours from me if I drive. I could totally do it but a road trip like that would be so boring solo.

Maybe if I can find someone willing to drive to Chicago with me I’d pick up tickets (if I even can) and make the trip.

Do you know where to find tickets?

Don’t think they’re officially on sale yet.


If they want to be sure of a sellout, streaming it might be counterproductive. Some people might choose to stay home instead of making the journey, if they don’t have to.

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I hope they get their goal. …even if it I don’t get the Youngbucks “popularity” (I use parentheses because it’s niche sue me) because it only helps the business.

Likelihood of a WWE guy being on the card? Given the Dusty connection between Cody and HHH and given they OK’d Dunne vs Marty, it wouldn’t shock me.

I don’t think they (Cody, the All-In crew) would even want one. Isn’t that the point of this whole thing that an ‘Indy Show’ could crack 5 figures in attendance? Would have been intriguing if they timed the show after D. Bryan’s contract expired just for the speculation and such, but it looks like that’s around 4 weeks after this show (heck they probably don’t even want him right now either just to prove their point).

I wasn’t referring to a big WWE name. But what would it hurt to lend Cole for a night, or even Dunne or Bate? I like to think the Cody - HHH relationship is amicable

I hear ya. It just seems to me that Cody is drawing a line for this particular show and whoever is wearing their colors ain’t invited. :grinning: Not to say in a future show afterwards (if they do more) that a Jericho or D. Bryan or one of the guys you named could work then. Business is business after all. Looks like the ROH show during Mania, the Festival of Frien, uh, Honor is somewhere near 5K in ticket sales already. Obviously there’s a massive advantage with having 100K of wrestling fans in the area already.

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A friend and I are making the trip from Toronto (area). I’ll be buying tickets before the card is announced. Don’t really care.

Sadly, the Cubs are on the road, but there’s an afternoon White Sox vs Red Sox game on Sunday for anyone into baseball.

Also really stoked that the card falls on Labour Day weekend in Canada, so I won’t even have to book a day off from work. I just KNOW they were thinking of us up here when they booked the date <3 <3 <3


I was thinking of making the trip as well from the same area, the problem is Labour Day traditionally I go to a CFL game which is the big draw of the season. Tough to change those plans but depending on ticket prices and what not it maybe worth it to change it up.

if they book a WWE guy, people like me would just give credit to that guy for selling the house.

Guys like CM Punk would be given the credit for the house as well…these guys should draw by themselves. That’s the bet with Meltzer that was made on twitter.

An updated mish-mash of my thoughts on this show from the previous thread;

I’ve not got very high hopes that they’ll sell the place out, legit. They’ll have to heavily paper it in order to reach that 10,000 quota that they’re after.

Cody & Co are relying on disgruntled WWE fans to buy in for an alternative, but at best these same fans will just check out the highlights on YouTube. The people who hate Roman and Steph and want Balor, Cesaro, Rollins & Zayn to be main eventing are also way too lazy to watch anything else. These fans don’t want an alternative; they want WWE, and the second you mention alternatives, they back out.

Also, not all fans of non-WWE wrestling are into Cody and the Elite and ‘Be The Elite’ etc. You’re pretty naive to assume otherwise.Case in point the Cody & The Bucks match at an OTT show last year; some of the crowd loved their shtick, a lot hated it. I, for one, am not a big fan of it. If it’s a card filled with that, then you alienate a lot of the audience.

This has to be fucking massive; Earth shattering matches need to be set in solid stone for this to work. Otherwise people aren’t going to care enough to travel. And not just that, who wants to travel to sit in the nosebleeds to watch fucking Cody and pals fuck about? And right now, that’s what they’re aiming for.

They’re teasing Joey Ryan vs Hangman Page; I’m a fan of both men (I actually think Page is ready to break out on his own) but that match does nothing for me. The Bucks vs Candice & Joey was also going to be a match until Candice got signed. To an indy boner like me, this is a fantastic match-up that plays off years of history. But to your average fan, the fan you’re looking at filling most of those seats, it’s just a match.

At a push, they’ll have to book the big two in order to get anywhere near that magic number; CM Punk and/or Daniel Byran.

Punk will do it for one thing; money. Not ego or pride or sticking it to his former employers. It’ll be cold, hard cash. You think he’s not had big money offers to work elsewhere before? Bryan, on the other hand, probably would be game but his contract is up after the event. So unless he gets permission or bails on his legalities, he won’t there.

There’s a massive difference between travelling to WrestleMania or Japan for Wrestle Kingdom and travelling to Cody’s self-indulgent arena show. But even then, as someone based in the UK, Cody can book Daniel Bryan vs Kenny Omega as the main event and there is no way I’m spending tons of cash to travel to it as there is no prestige or consistency behind it. They’d have to book the card of the year, filled with dream matches and guys who are going to work their asses off, and hope that other promotions have events in the area around the same time to make all that travel and cash worth it.

If they have it on streaming PPV too, they’ll lose a ton of seats as well, as people will choose to stay home and watch. I really want this to work, really I do, but it’s going to take a lot to hook every non-WWE fan AND hook the WWE fans who want change (but secretly just want WWE).

This is a fake poster I found online but this is the kind of card that will attract 10,000 people. Cody in a 6-man, Omega and D-Bry in big 1st-time-ever singles matches, some legends thrown in for good measure. No filler, all A+++ killer.

I really hope that they can do it, but as you can see, I’m very sceptical.

Also, these ‘All In’ memes on Twitter are amazing. One thing you can say, is that although people are making fun of the event, it’s getting a LOT of exposure. Good for them, I say.


Awesome points all around Shane. Cody’s mentioned a fan fest type of deal also. Maybe they’ll try to stuff that with some legends. Obviously the hardest part is to have that many people travel for essentially a 1-off show. Heck it would have been awesome if they booked the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans (the day before the Hall of Fame?, day of WrestleMania?) since thousands of wrestling fans will be in the area, but that plan really doesn’t do ROH or NJPW any favors.

Heck maybe the new(er) T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas would have been a good idea as the ‘Vegas vacation destination’ would already be built in there.

I’m all for what they’re doing, but I wouldn’t give them much credit for the attendance number if it’s Punk in his hometown. Punk and A.J. could probably get several thousand to come out for a book signing right now in Chicago.

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Why would we not give Cody Matt and Nick credit if they are the ones to finally get Punk to appear? They are self-financing this. All talent negotiations lay with them. If they can convince Punk to go All In then they deserve massive props for running this show and drawing the best talent to participate.
I do admire how they’ve made the promotion (so far) very fan friendly. The memes ar great, the concept is great, and even the schtick with the Bear which we knew would pay off somehow is cute.

The NJPW show sold out before a single match was announced. I’m not sure this won’t either. Consider how this crew (and NJPW and ROH) is delivering cards at an incredible rate: if you bought an early ticket to SSE you’re getting GoldenLovers v Bucks and potentially Mysterio vs Liger. If you bought SuperCard tickets in advance you’re getting the Omega Cody match and now Marty for the title. Call me crazy, but I’m of the opinion that this card will deliver because these guys seem to know they must pay off angles in big ways. I mean Bury Bear was Kenny Omega!!! These guys wouldn’t try to book a less than special card and a headlining Punk v Omega would be that kind of payoff. If they sell 6k before that’s announced the remaining 4K will fly


I think you hit the nail on the head when it comes to how many tickets sell before a card is announced. I think a lot of people will go just for the sake of it being something different and the first of it’s kind.

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