Business Wars - WWF vs WCW

Don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, but the Business Wars podcast is currently doing WWF vs WCW. Of course, most of the forum knows the history, but BW is an excellent podcast. Never heard of it until John said he was a listener a long while back. With the “war” between NXT and AEW looming, this is right on time lol. Here’s a link:


Awesome. Will give it a listen, thanks for the heads up.

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I subscribe to this podcast but when I saw this as the topic, I took a break. I have heard enough WWF v WCW to last a lifetime. But good series overall. Some of the other series they’ve done on other brands are excellent.

Yeah I listen to it as well. This topic doesn’t interest me. I already know far too much about it

I find the content of Business Wars fascinating by I really can’t stand the presentation. The little voices David Brown does really just annoy me.

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