BWE 7/25/18: Progress Chapter 73, Fight Club Pro International Tekkers, Spanish Wrestling Scene, ROH UK Tour

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Oli & Benno are back to discuss Progress Chapter 73 (Travis Banks Vs Tyler Bate), Fight Club Pro International Tekkers and look at the burgeoning Spanish wrestling scene.

They also talk about the upcoming Ring Of Honor UK Tour and the European representation at the WWE Mae Young Classic.

Photo Courtesy: Progress Wrestling

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With PROGRESS, I feel the Thunder Bastard Tag Team Series is way too much. A series of matches to build up the match? That’s fine, but the tournament for placement feels like too much.

The 3 Wins to a Title Match deal however is totally fine by me. I’m a long time fan of Chikara over here, and for the longest time they’ve determined challengers for their tag team titles, and later their singles title, through the method of acquiring three points from winning three consecutive matches. Wrestlers and teams would also lose their points if they were to lose a match. Granted, sometimes point totals get forgotten when wrestlers just stop appearing. All in all though, it’s a way to invest in whole card more.

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The Thunder Bastard series reminds me of when they were crowning an Atlas champ. The plan was to do a series of matches with 2 blocks with everyone facing everyone in their block once, but they over thought it and couldn’t physically do it so they started doing tag matches that counted. It’s the same here as I’m pretty sure they don’t have enough shows to have every team face every other team before Wembley.
You have to give Progress credit for trying to add more importance to their matches but it’s a bit too much here. I don’t mind the idea as like BSR said, it reminds me of Chikara and it’s a great way to create a title contender but it’s also diluted some of the other programs they have.

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Thanks for the feedback fellas!

I did intend to bring up the Chikara comparison. In some ways I prefer that it’s something they instituted year round (not that’d I’d trust anyone else to do that) as the Progress version being over a few weeks, with only certain people eligible, just seems convoluted and unfair with wrestlers having such wildly different schedules.

Callum Leslie is attempting to chronicle it on his Twitter, but my head is still spinning.

(This is before Chapter 74, so no spoilers contained)

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Well they do have a lot in place to create contenders throughout the year. The thunder bastard (although I know they’re taking a break from that match after the one at Wembley), Super Strong Style and the Natural Progression series, but that can be for any title.
I think with the amount of shows they do a year, the 3 wins to get a title shot is a great idea and Chikara showed that it added importance to random matches if one person had 2 points going into a match. I think the problem is the Atlas title is still there and how would you get a challenger for that? Although as you guys mentioned, that division is pretty meaningless right now but hopefully with what happened at Chapter 74, that might be changing.

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